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Idiot In My Town!! Story & Video. Update At Post 21.

This is a discussion on Idiot In My Town!! Story & Video. Update At Post 21. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I bet that guy got the idea from the Ghost Rider videos on YouTube. Check it out, it's a guy riding a blacked out race ...

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Thread: Idiot In My Town!! Story & Video. Update At Post 21.

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    I bet that guy got the idea from the Ghost Rider videos on YouTube. Check it out, it's a guy riding a blacked out race rocket in a full racing suit (of course all black) driving insane speeds through traffic. Extremely entertaining I have to say, but very stupid. That guy did it somewhere in Europe.

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    One thing I know about Canadian Cops/Courts if they find him that guys new ride will be a BUS
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    People like this piss me off to no end. Yes, it's cool because you are going fast, but you are also endangering the lives of people who have nothing to do with your stupid decisions.
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    no surprise to me that the comments here tend to --he's a menace to himself and others.

    a sense of personal responsibility is lacking in that dude.
    and others who think how cool he is will try to be like him

    well, those we will see on you-tube FAIL
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    I bet he has a 'Start Seeing Motorcycles' bumper sticker on his car too.

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    Looks like they're closing in on the guy or gal.............................

    Police close in on 300 km/h motorcyclist in video - British Columbia - CBC News

    Not noted in the story is the fact that numerous people have come forward pointing out highly custom modifications to the bike (custom struts etc.) that should make it even easier to track them down.
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    Here's one of someone who isn't as agressive, though he pulls a few dumb stunts, and the music makes it fun to watch.

    Late for work - YouTube

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    287 is he holding a camera?
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    Its funny how have a child changes your perspective on things like this. I used to have the "whatever" philosophy when it came to things like this, if they wanna kill themselves then let'em, but now that I have a kid it pisses me off.

    Quote Originally Posted by JoeFriday View Post
    It's not just motorcycles. People in cars do similar things. He is more likely to hurt/maim/kill himself than anything.

    I'm not big on physics, but some back of envelope calculations...
    Motorcycle @ 180mph = 6,400 foot pounds of force (Weight used for calc 780lbs)
    Corvette @ 180mph = 27,000 foot pounds of force (3250ibs)
    Chevy Tahoe @ 70mph = 16,000 foot pounds of force (5000lbs)

    So, if you got hit, would you pick this guy or the soccer mom in the Tahoe doing 70mph? I understand if the object being hit is in motion, that changes things. The point is that videos like this are sensationalist and just look dangerous, but things we encounter every day are just as dangerous but we don't see them that way because they look 'normal'.
    you also have to consider the surface area of each object. Even though the motorcycle is producing less raw force, you have to consider the force per square inch. The Tahoe is 7ft wide and lets say 3ft tall(front grille), where the motorcycle is less than a foot wide and say 2 ft tall. Thats a lot more lbs per square inch.

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    Where's a speed bump when you need one??!!
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    I was going 55 on one of the roads between my apartment and school one night and a guy on a motorcycle cut me off and then popped a wheelie when he was no more than ten feet in front of me and my F-150. I have good reflexes, but a truck can only stop or swerve safely so fast if he happened to spill.

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    If one was to suggest having reached or exceeded those speeds on a bike, It could have hypothetically happened in Western Utah and Eastern Nevada. And there is no evidence to prove that it might have happened.
    Did I tell you I rode 1150 miles in under 16 hours last August?
    In traffic, I ride like a man who wants to live . Just a hair faster than most so i can control who is in my danger zone and don't get blindsided.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IronMike View Post is he holding a camera?
    I suspect a helmet camera.

    By the way, that's about 187 mph.

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    I almost turned myself into a greasy stain on the road in my youth. I was doing about 130 at the time. Sometimes I can't believe how stupid we are when we're young.
    I live for others and I answer to God and sometimes to my wife too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    I almost turned myself into a greasy stain on the road in my youth. I was doing about 130 at the time. Sometimes I can't believe how stupid we are when we're young.
    Know what you mean, the first 240Z I had topped out at 140mph (verified by radar) also had my bike Kawasaki 650 up to 115mph, I have grown much older and wiser now.
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