Any other guitar players here?

Any other guitar players here?

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Thread: Any other guitar players here?

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    Any other guitar players here?

    How long have you been playing?

    What was your first guitar and do you still have it?

    How would you rate yourself?

    How often do you practice/play?

    What style do you play mostly?

    Band or solo?

    Acoustic, electric or both?

    I'll start it off.

    I have been playing since I was 17yrs old (I'll be 50 soon). Started off with an old Guild acoustic, have bought increasingly better guitars over the years as my skills have increased, but I consider myself an above average player, but not geat. I wish I could practice more.

    I currently have 4 guitars: a Martin HD35, a Taylor 455ce -12string, a 1970's model Gibson ES335, and a Fender Hardtail Strat.

    I play mostly folk/gospel and blues, with a little bit of 60s, 70s, and 80s rock and a little country mixed in. Tried my hand at classical, but it just doesn't work for me. I am not in a formal band, but have been in a couple you've never heard of. I play with a bunch of friends, but we do not consider ourselves a formal "group."
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    Yes I try to Play
    Gibson ES330 1950's vintage
    Fender telecaster
    Epiphone Sheridan II

    Applause elect/acoustic
    Yamaha 12 string.

    I play mostly gospel and a little bluegrass.

    I guess about like you, not the best guitarist but
    I hold my own.
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    I've been playing, oh, probably about 15 years, 10 years seriously (I'm 25). I still have my first guitar, a cheap Yamaha superstrat. Not in great condition, but I threw in a custom wound, extraordinarily hot PRS humbucker in the bridge (I told the pickup winder, Wolfe MacLeod, to have a field day and wind it as hot as could be conceivably possible). I'd rate myself as decent but not really playing anywhere...I gave up on the local band scene as I just got disinterested. I do however play at my church a lot...mostly bass actually. I'm kind of halfway between bass and guitar.

    On guitar, I play mostly my own built guitars...I've got one that is a semi-hollow, 2 f-hole telecaster, mahogany body and neck with figured rosewood top. Alnico polepiece P90 in the neck and tele bridge pickup, both by Lindy Fralin. Great all around guitar for my style, very organic and soulful tones. I also built a swamp ash Jazzmaster with 2 lindy fralin P90s, that is just about the best rock guitar sound I've ever had...a bit more grunt and drive than the tele, but with tons of clarity and warmth. For an amp I use a cheapo Crate Vintage Club 30 watt...a poor man's Vox AC30, but surprisingly good sounding IMO.

    Other guitars include a Gibson Les Paul Studio with rewound pickups for a smoother, more PAF tone; a Danelectro 12-string; a lap steel; a cheap copy of a Les Paul Junior, tuned to open G; a cheap Fender acoustic and a cheap Fender classical.

    On bass, I have a Rickenbacker mapleglo 4003 that is my standby. I run it through various pedals (Fulltone Bass Drive, MXR Phase 90, Sansamp Bass Driver) into a Mesa Boogie all-tube 200 watt bass head, into a Trace Elliott 4x10. It's fantastic for my Chris Squire impersonations, hehe, but it does other sounds just as well...a Rickenbacker is a very versatile bass despite some peoples opinion. I also have an Epiphone EB-0 (sg bass) that I defretted for a jazzy, upright sound, and a Danelectro baritone restrung to Bass VI tuning.

    My style on guitar is influenced heavily by 60s and 70s rock, initially. While I learned the basics while working out tabs to Weezer songs, I graduated to Cream and some of the late 60s Brit Blues, which developed me both on guitar and on bass (Jack Bruce...the reason I bought the SG bass initially). As I got more into music (I was a teen at the time) I started listening to more complex music. Led Zeppelin, Yes, Steely Dan, Chicago, even stuff like the Mahavishnu Orchestra. So now I'd say my bigger influences on guitar are Jimmy Page, Terry Kath, Hendrix, Larry Carlton, and Steve Howe. Can I play like them? I wish.

    On bass....after learning from Jack Bruce that bass could be spontaneous, free, and improvisational (this was before I discovered real jazz) I got into that pretty heavily and that developed my bass playing a lot. Paul McCartney was a definate influence, and Entwhistle to a lesser extent. But the biggest one was Chris Squire of Yes, of whom I'm a huge fan. Also, the Motown grooves, as well as the funk of the 70s, started to influence me in the last 5 years...I've dug really deep into them in my playing. Particularly old motown...james jamerson could groove with a muddy, deep sounding tone, with no clarity, but his note selection and rhythm drove it. In stark contrast to the "funk" bassists of today who throw down a thousand slapped notes a second with overly midscooped tones. I kind of rebelled against slap bass which was cool at the time.

    OK, I'll shut up now. As you can see, you've hit on something else I'm passionate about! :D

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    I play, but not as much as I use to. I currently have a Telecaster, a Les Paul, an acoustic, a 50-watt Crate Vintage Club tube amp, and a small practice amp.

    Last year I decided I had too much music equipment so I sold off a Marshall 100 watt head and speaker cabinet, a Fender Bassman, a 12 string acoustic and some pedals.

    Any guesses what I spent the money I got from them on?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JT View Post
    Any guesses what I spent the money I got from them on?
    Hehehe, I just got a check today from a friend who is buying my Fender Jazz Bass...there's now a Kel-Tec PF-9 somewhere with my name on it...

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    I have played guitar since I was 15. I am now in my mid-50's. On weekends I play in a band and occassionally do studio work for singers, demo songs, etc.

    I have around 35 different guitars. Six Fender Strats (57, 68, 73, 83, 96 and a 57 reissue), two Les Pauls, 3 PRS, two Martin acoustics and a bunch of others. I also have serveral amps (primarily Marshall, Mesa, and Fender), a couple Pods, a bunch of stomp boxes and rack effects.

    I still have my very first guitar. It was a Silvertone acoustic that my parents gave me for Christmas. They ordered it from Sears. It is not really playable, but I keep it because it was my first one.

    I play a lot of different styles and practice daily to keep the fingers in shape. I wish there was enough money in it to quit my day job and just play guitar.

    On another note, my favorite guitar magazine is "Guitar One." I keep it in the same bathroom with my "American Rifleman" and "Guns and Ammo."

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    I've always wanted to learn to play the Banjo!! That instrument always intrigued me. But never got around to it, and with my short, stubby fingers, probably wouldnt be a good idea anway. Could I be another "Grandpa Jones", ha???..

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    I tried to play but Im better off shooting riding and racing and playing paintball my favorite things. But my son plays and hes been playing for about 4 maybe 6 years. and plays mostly rock. He has 5 guitars gibson explorer ibenaez 6 and 12 sting acoustic and I think an epiphone. He just jams with his friends on weekends but plays them everyday. Hes better than me for sure.


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    I been playing for about 35 years. My first guitar was my dads' 1958 Gibson J45. I currently have a Breedlove Traditional series' DR (rosewood dread). They are modeled after a prewar Martin, and alot of Martin players hold their nose up to it because "it just can't be better than a Martin" LOL
    I play traditional country and bluegrass. I prefer to play in a band setting. I used to play electric guitar but I find the sound and flatpicking of a acoustic dread do be so arousing....unless I'm listening to SRV or Gary Moore....

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    does bass guitar count? :^)

    i have a fender american hotrodded p-bass (has a split-p and a jazz pickup).

    i'm working on becoming a better player.

    my first song was "smoke under water" back in highschool. soon after, i learned the barney miller theme song. :)


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