First shooting competition

First shooting competition

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Thread: First shooting competition

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    First shooting competition

    Hey all,

    I entered my first shooting competition yesterday at an American Legion, who was hosting a "bulls-eye" Top Shot competition. I have never been in a competition before and I really didn't have too much of an idea of what I was in for, but I was determined to try it out and see how I did. Well, after the first round, consisting of 3 stages, 10 yards, 15, and 25 yards, with 10 shots at each station, timed at 45 seconds, 90 seconds and 3 minutes respectively I placed 2nd. I was very nervous when I first started, being my first competition ever. I was able to run the course again in the championship round and improved my score by over 50 points. When the smoke cleared I ended up in 2nd place overall. This wasn't an IDPA meet, or some high profile meet, but it was an opportunity to shoot against other amateurs like myself to see how I stacked up and I feel good about where I ended up. 1st place was a Marine with 20 years in. I'm okay losing to him
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    Congrats on your new found addiction and many man many more matches to follow hopefully. Congrats on 2nd place as well.

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    Congrats on the 2nd place, but much more on the scenario for training.
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    Shooting in almost any sort of "live" competition, whether 'mano a mano' or against the clock makes you push yourself more than if you're out there banging steel or punching paper. Competition forces you to think outside of your own comfort zone, and that's a good thing. Screw up and blow a stage? Fine, re-think what went wrong and practice so it won't happen again. Got jittery nerves about competing? Learn how to conquer them.

    I know when I've had a good match, because my pulse rate is up, and I can feel some adrenaline rush going on. It's an order of magnitude (or more) apart from the real world where someone may be shooting back, but for training purposes it sure beats the ballistic masturbation of just lobbing rounds downrange with no real purpose or challenge.
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    GOOD on YOU!

    I hope that you continue competing, and wish you the best!


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    Congrats good Job!

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