Android App for Name and Save locations?

Android App for Name and Save locations?

This is a discussion on Android App for Name and Save locations? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Is there a free android app where you can hit a button - shows where you are on a map and allow you to "Name ...

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Thread: Android App for Name and Save locations?

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    Android App for Name and Save locations?

    Is there a free android app where you can hit a button - shows where you are on a map and allow you to "Name and Save" that location?

    Also - that if you get lost you can hit a button for one of those locations and it'll give directions to it?

    Links to what you suggest appreciated.
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    Like this?

    Google My Tracks

    Record and share your GPS tracks with My Tracks.
    Use My Tracks while you run, bike, hike, or do anything else outdoors, and it will use the GPS sensor in your phone to record the path you took. It will also gather useful statistics such as time, speed, distance, and elevation. You can review all of this data live, or you can save it for use later. While you're out, you can mark relevant waypoints, and can ask to hear automatic voice announcements about your progress.

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    GPS Status is a good one.
    It doesn't display a map by itself, but allows you to 'share' your location via e-mail or SMS quickly. It sends out the Lat/Long and a html link to Google Maps with your location. The recipient can simply click on the link to open Google Maps, displaying your location.

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    Why can't Android users drop a pin in Google Maps? - CNN

    Unfortunately, on Android phones, the official Google Maps app simply does not let you drop a pin.

    This is especially odd since Android is a product of, well, Google.

    Don't get me wrong: I love my Android phone and wouldn't switch back to iPhone now. But no smartphone is perfect.

    For my fellow Android users, here are a few workarounds I've found:

    Starred places

    This feature is built into the Android Google Maps app. It's what I generally use to save places I'll probably only need to visit once, like when I'm meeting a friend for lunch.

    This process is not nearly as intuitive as dropping a map pin on the iPhone, but it does work, and I can do it all from within the Google Maps app.

    First, search for a location, or click and hold a location on the Google Maps screen. (Remember: To accurately record your current location, be sure to turn on your phone's GPS first.) After the map shows the address or location, click on the bubble above the pin to open an info page about that place.

    Then, in the upper-right corner, click the star icon, which will change from gray to yellow. This adds that address to your phone's list of starred places.

    Unfortunately, you cannot edit the name or info for this item. So you might have to settle for an address-only listing like "617 43rd St.", rather than "Joe's office." You also cannot change the order of items in the list.

    When you're ready to go to a starred location, launch the Google Maps app, click the Android menu button, and then select "starred places." You'll see a list of all the places you've starred.
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