Pick up Steven Konkoly's new book "Black Flagged Redux" this weekend on Amazon for 99 cents and Steven will donate $2 to the Wounded Warrior Project. The charity campaign that he did for his previous book "Black Flagged" raised $1700 for the Disabled American Veterans and this time Steve is matching the sale price of the book with his own funds.

You can read more about Steve and his charity book launch on his blog here.

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I recently finished reading his first book "The Jakarta Pandemic" and I was quite impressed, especially since that was his first novel. One of the main things that I found so interesting with Steve's book, besides his intimate knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, was his portrayal of his main character, who I found (frustratingly at times) more like a real person than the typical "hero" seen in so many novels. If you enjoy apocalyptic types of stories, then I think "The Jakarta Pandemic" is definitely worth picking up. I haven't read either of his other books yet but I purchased them both today; I can't give you any sort of review on either one but I can say that I think it's worth buying just to help support the WWP.