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Anyone name their child after a gun or manufacturer?

This is a discussion on Anyone name their child after a gun or manufacturer? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I wonder if Mr & Mrs Freud ever called little Sigmund "Sig"...

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Thread: Anyone name their child after a gun or manufacturer?

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    I wonder if Mr & Mrs Freud ever called little Sigmund "Sig"
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    Teacher in high school named all their kids after birds.

    Raven, Robin and Jay.

    Business owner in town had the last name of Bahls... parents could have been very cruel, but all rumors of kids names were never proven (Richard, Harry, etc).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ericb327 View Post
    After the gun, his name is actually Christian.
    I figured. I was just trying to be witty.
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    My niece named her son Remington after the artist not the gun. Remi for short. My best friend in college last name was King. He alway said he would name his son Fitfora or Joe.
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    Many fine firearms are named after the inventors or manufacturer family name. So how would you know if the person was named after the firearm or after an old established common human name?

    BTW, I was named after an Angel.


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    I've got a nephew who is a big "Lord of the Rings" fan. He named his son Stryder Vengence. Gonna be interesting when the poor kid hits school. He's either gonna be one bad dude or get his butt beat a lot! Don't have any kids or dogs named after guns, but I do have a cat named Harley.
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    I named my kids after heroes in the bible. I wanted to be able to tell them about their names and who they were named after.

    Naming a kid after a gun just seems like something someone who doesn't like their kids would do.
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    My wife wanted to name our son Harry Potter. I blame it on hormones!
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    Quote Originally Posted by barstoolguru View Post
    I wanted to name my kid misfire because he was a surprise but after getting a cold stare for 20 minutes after the suggestion I decided to give up
    Don't think that's a misfire, more like a negligent discharge....

    My little girl was a surprise as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by varob View Post
    My wife wanted to name our son Harry Potter. I blame it on hormones!
    That explains it. My Dad said after I was born my mother wanted to name me Peanut Butter. I am so glad he got his way on THAT one.
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    In my next life, if I have a son I'll name him Česká zbrojovka and call him CZ for short.
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    My boys Walker and Texas Ranger. I know their not guns but it's funny.

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    Named my 1 st born son "Gunnar". And was going to name the second one, if it was a boy, "Hunter"!
    I wanted the boys to have power names....
    But alas, ended having a girl the second time and stopped there!
    But, I always liked the name Colt.

    My EX FIL's name was "Miller" after the beer.

    My best friend in Jr High was "Rusty Bell".
    And I worked with a guy some years later whose name was Clay House.
    His brothers name was "Rocky".
    Their younger sisters name was Carmel.

    All true.
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    A buddy at work named one of his sons Colt, after the gun. Another buddy has a daughter named Shelby after the car.

    I had a beagle named Ruger when I was a kid and my brother has a lab named Magnum now.

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    I went to school with a couple of kids who had just plain mean parents. The family name was Thye (pronounced like thigh). The son was Harry and his sister was Ima. Actually both turned out to be pretty cool kids, but they took their share of ribbing.
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