I was reading another thread, where QKS, I think?, was dealing with pop-ups, tracking cookie problems, etc.

I have availed myself of the protection this hosts file utility for a long time now. I always love to see the never ending banners and sidebar ads come up blank, knowing they didn't log anything from me.

If you do some tracking of your own, you'd be amazed that your "friends"at google route your inquiries through as many as half a dozen ad "services" with a single click, and I don't need to be "serviced" that way!


The only downside is having to type or cut & paste, or trim the address bar data to find the real target, eliminating the excess code.

It's designed to be easy to get rid of if you should want to, but I have never had anyone tell me of a conflict.


Our Digital Goddess taught me this, so it IS legit!