Stupid: Thugs stop to argue over the loot...

Stupid: Thugs stop to argue over the loot...

This is a discussion on Stupid: Thugs stop to argue over the loot... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; their stolen car... with the loot in the trunk... Oh yeah, criminuls is shore bright, they are... At least that's what I envisioned when ...

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Thread: Stupid: Thugs stop to argue over the loot...

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    Stupid: Thugs stop to argue over the loot... their stolen car... with the loot in the trunk... Oh yeah, criminuls is shore bright, they are...

    At least that's what I envisioned when I read the headline and the first paragraph... and might not be far from the truth.

    Ya know... I just can't get over how stupid noobie criminals are... sometimes the bright ones learn some stuff in prison... maybe these three will... doubtful... but possible. If they had half a brain between 'em... we probably wouldn't be reading about 'em...

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    they have a long time to think about it now

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    A lot of these stories is Tacoma area lately. A few of them have had better outcomes though. At least some people are starting to get the idea.
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    TSTL.....too stupid to live

    but the upside is they are helping with the racial balance in prisons
    and think how they help with the $ trickle down

    down from the tax payer ( minus some to cover the cost of collecting it)
    down from the govt that must decide how to distribute the $ (minus.....)
    down to the court appointed defender--minus a lot here cause there has to be an oversight to account for how the $ is spent and to set the proper padding guidelines
    downed to the prosecute--see above; mostly the same
    down to the social service agencies ( minus all over again for them) that the courts must use to rehabilitate the youth ( over & over again)
    down to the court house and all its up keep ( minus again for the union run painters and domestics and all others who keep the marbal halls shiny)
    ---everyone here is govt civil servants so minus their health care and retirement benefits does happen cause there is overcrowding ( not enough hangings, but...who has any $ left over for rope?)
    if the BG gets to jail.....oh, heck--we can not afford to actually keep anyone in jail;

    its actually cheaper to put a revolving door on the couthouse.

    i forgot police--afterall, if they don't catch some of them some of the time there would be no warm bodies to run the operation; and their salaries and needs and equipment and where i was going with this...alas

    right ----stupid crooks vs the intelligent tax payer
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    That young male criminal, Dustin, looks like a actual zombie. I don't believe meth has been very good to him.
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    Yeah! Let's see, there are three of us, so we'll split the money 50-50!
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    Reminds me of the Bugs Bunny cartoon from years ago where the crook was dividing up the money.

    He would say while counting out the bills, "One for you, one for me, two for you and one,two for me, three for you and one, two, three for me......!"
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