Running for Office

Running for Office

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    Mods - I was gona post this in the off topic section but didn't know if it was better over at Bob's place, please move it if needed.

    As some of you might have read in a few of my posts, I am from Puerto Rico, spent some time in active duy in the Marines, and now I am attending college full time in Puerto Rico's public university system - the University of Puerto Rico. I am majoring in political science - because I hate most politicians I have met so far, and something tells me I can make a better job than what they are doing.

    Last week I was nominated for my college's student council, I posted a few "what I want to do if I get elected" notices around the campus, and told a few people to go vote for whomever they felt was better, not just for me. I also got the ball rolling to start a veterans organization on campus - the faculty really liked that idea; most think highly of the veterans, while hating Bush and the people on active duty, I don't really get it, but o'well.

    I was also thinking about starting a pro-gun organization on campus, but the Puerto Rico goverment being so anti-gun, I don't know if my idea is such a good idea after all. My logic behind the pro-gun org is that: 1) most students have never handled a firearm, 2) can't handle a firearm with out a state permit (that runs close to $250) or 3) unless it is a school course - wich is non existant, unless you join the ROTC. Basically I want to take the message - hey we live in a high crime area, heres a tool that you can use to protect yourself/loved ones, once you get the adecuate training. If I open the org, I get some school funds for supplies, an oficial website through the colleges official website (so I can post progun stuff/translate some of the things I've learned over time through forums - combatcarry included ;), and I get to use auditoriums/a full size theater -seats like 500+ people (hey maybe I can host my own version of a Shot show - yeah right!). Also thought about getting sponsors/NRA education/even talking to the CMP people.

    Do you guys see this pro-gun org as a good idea? See any things that might back fire if I start it? Any advice? Basically, if you were a 19-21 y/o, on college, and you found this org that talked about the second ammendment and gave you info on guns/personal defense/brought people to talk about it/etc, would you have been interested on it? I've talked to alot of female students about it and they are really interested (we had a serial rapist attack several female students during the nights of last semester and the whole campus is afraid to go out around the area neighboring the campus at night).

    Also, since elections for student council start tomorrow and run until saturday, any last minute advice on campaigning? Can't really lie, suck-up, promise anything; I'm just saying "hey I believe we can do something different, I want a shoot at it, give me a chance".

    Thanks for any help.

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    This really falls in the category of "know your audience." You'll almost certainly get a lot of support for making the campus safer and recognizing vets. But if your school is laden with leftist faculty "intellectuals," forget about their help beyond that. The gun organization is an interesting idea but will make you one-dimensional in most students' eyes. That's not good if you have further plans for school office. However, form the organization if you do not care whether you are elected or not.

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