Prepping News Story and Video - Are you? Have you considered the people next door?

Prepping News Story and Video - Are you? Have you considered the people next door?

This is a discussion on Prepping News Story and Video - Are you? Have you considered the people next door? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; My comments: I find it amazing how so many Urbanites (especial in Far Left leaning areas) do not understand that they should be prepared for ...

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Thread: Prepping News Story and Video - Are you? Have you considered the people next door?

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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.

    Prepping News Story and Video - Are you? Have you considered the people next door?

    My comments: I find it amazing how so many Urbanites (especial in Far Left leaning areas) do not understand that they should be prepared for at least the basic emergency situation, an earthquake in CA for example, but do not embrace firearms or understand the need - not even a little .22 rifle for basic survival. And yet they would go nuts if they knew I/mabe you live right next door to them, and I/mabe you might not feel the need to be sharing, and can defend my/your right to protect what is mine/yours.

    'Society' is a very fragile balance between denial and insanity, and will go to insanity in about the drop of the hat in the right circumstances.

    It really annoys the people that I listen to that people actually store up a little food and have firearms. After all, thier reasoning is that the Police and Fire Department will ignore the needs of each member's family so that they can stay here and serve those fools........right! I'm not saying that those Public Servants are not dedicated, but in a situation over several days, they have to take care of thier own also, and I don't blame them for wanting to.

    How many of you have people next door that are in denial and would be the first to beg/or demand help at your door because you are moderately better prepared?

    Below is a pretty good writeup and news report from A FOX affiliate on prepping for a disaster or other.

    Special Report: Preparing for Disaster - Part 1
    Updated: Thursday, 26 Apr 2012, 10:11 PM CDT
    Published : Wednesday, 25 Apr 2012, 1:47 PM CDT

    Hal Scheurich
    Photojournalist: James McConatha

    (WALA) - It can happen in an instant or with very little warning - a disaster strikes and your life is turned upside down.

    Along the Gulf Coast, we prepare ourselves every year for hurricane season and the potential destruction it can bring. But there are those living amongst us who are prepared for much more.

    They call themselves preppers and to them it’s a way of life.

    Chances are, you have one or more as a neighbor and don’t even know it. They don’t advertise what they do even to their close friends and families, in many cases. To them, preparing for the worst has become a way of life and their reasons for prepping are as varied as their personalities........(snip)....

    .....But Teet has a problem. As prepared as he may be, he lives in a heavily populated suburb of Mobile and worries about how ill-prepared most of his neighbors are. Protecting his family and his stockpile of necessities is a top priority.

    Because of this concern, he has purchased and has become skilled at using several firearms. To him, stockpiling ammunition is nearly as important as food and water.

    Read the rest and watch the video: Special Report: Preparing for Disaster - Part 1 |
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    Well, the Govt. is asking that all citizens store at least 3 days of emergency food and water per person in every household.

    Really, I think that everybody should have at the absolute MINIMUM - one week of food and pure drinking water, sanitary supplies, prescription medications, and extra water for hygienic purposes & don't forget about the pets. They need food and clean drinking water also.
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    There are a lot more people that need to be prepared. To a lot of people, anyone who does, is "paranoid". They do not realize how quickly things can change. IMO everyone should have a bug-out-bag, a week or 2 of clean water, a week of 2 of food, and at least 2 firearms and a decent amount of ammo. This is an unpredictable world, we don't know what could happen, it's good to be ready for anything.
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    so you are fore sighted. and cooperate with neighbors. some of you think a week, or 3 or even a month or 3
    3 months if electrical goes down nationwide is based off of rational what-ifs in the way things get replenished.

    but how far from you are concentrations of groups who are not prepared--
    well, other than taking by force that which they will need when the need arises?

    how will groups of prepared locals ~adjust to an influx of peoples for whom the vanier of civilization has been stripped.
    expect them 3 to 5 days after their local stores cease to be repleanished and the start to forage.

    how will we the civilized cope with the masses of thems that are a mess.?
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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    don't forget about the pets. They need food and clean drinking water also.
    Not if they're your emergency food source. ; )
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    Yes,I considered them,I have plenty of fava beans and a nice chianti stocked up....
    seriously now, most of my neighbors will perish quickly,old,sickly,bats##t crazy,diabetic the list goes on.I will help to some degree,but on most it will just deplete supplies.
    If they can provide backup,fine,if not they will be politely but firmly turned away.
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    My immediate neighbors are fine, but we now have foraging cliff dwellers around the corner (and S-8 at that) that weren't there when I moved here. Can't afford to move again for now. My real problem however will be folks with the same last name as me who refuse to listen and laugh & shake their heads at us for prepping... for now.
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    The guy on the right is old and kind of boney looking. I bet he'd be tough.
    The wife on the right is plump and I bet I could get a few good meals out of her.

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    There is a segment of society that live in a fantacy world of their own creation. We call them sheep. There are a few more choice words we use to decribe them,but you know who I'm refering to. Like you say,they will spend any amount of money and time preparing for something like fire,flood,food shortage,all kinds of insurance to "protect themselves" the list of what they do goes on and on. Yet when it comes to their most important,the preservation of their lives and the lives of their families,they abdigate that responsibility to someone else. To accecpt THAT responsibility they would have to pull their heads up out the hole its stuck in and view the world as it really is. This,they cannot do. It scares them to death. I contend that they hate this about themselves,so they hate the ones who do accept reality and prepare for it. To agree with "those people" they would destroy the world that only exist in their minds. They blame the guns and the nuts that possess them. Do away with "the problem" the guns, and the world they created would be real,and we would all be wrong. There has always been that segment of society that preys on these "sheep" and always will, the wolves. We are the sheep dogs. The ones who view the world as it really is, the good,the bad,the ugly. Thats life. We look out for ourselves,our family, and if the need be,for them.Thats who We are,and will always be looked down upon,hated,by these sheep,wanting to pull out the teeth of all the sheep dogs. To dumb to realize that by doing that,the wolves would still be there to prey upon them,just no one to protect them,or to provide that deterant that keeps them at bay. This is what we fight everyday.These dummies that want to destroy the very thing that helps them survive.

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