Where's TN_Mike been???

Where's TN_Mike been???

This is a discussion on Where's TN_Mike been??? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Has anyone wondered? I doubt it. Anyway, one or two people may have noticed I have not been here in about a month or two. ...

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Thread: Where's TN_Mike been???

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    Where's TN_Mike been???

    Has anyone wondered? I doubt it. Anyway, one or two people may have noticed I have not been here in about a month or two. At least not regularly.

    It has been a busy and chaotic two months. I believe I updated everyone on the fact that after 17+ years, I have left the broadcasting field and am now in the medical industry. We moved back to the Memphis area in Tennessee (Thank the Lord above) and for the last 4 weeks I have been in Las Vegas Nevada going through training for my new career. (I know, I know, I think Las Vegas is an odd location for a training facility for what I do too.)

    I did bring 2 guns with me to Las Vegas. I brought my Kahr CW9 and the Ruger LCP. I have carried every day here and have had no problems. The class I am in at the training facility contains mostly European guys. There are 3 of us who are from the USA, and 2 South American guys, and one German, one Scottish fellow, a guy from Switzerland and a Dutch guy. The topic of guns has come up several times as me and the guy from Arizona both have carry permits and the other American who is from Florida is going to get his when he gets back home.

    The fellow from Switzerland is very gun friendly as I expected he would be. The Swiss are fairly well armed. He had a full auto battle rifle at home as most Swiss do. Everyone there goes through mandatory military service and most keep the rifles after they are done. Everyone in Switzerland is part of the defense force. (One of the reasons Hitler did not invade Switzerland is because everyone there had a gun.)

    We were out to dinner last Wednesday night, nearly the whole class. The topic of guns came up and the Scotsman admitted to thinking the American stance on gun ownership was crazy. The German and his wife agreed. We talked and the guy from AZ and I both admitted to them that we had carry permits. They asked to see them and we showed them the permits. The Scotsman said something to the effect that this allowed me to carry a gun but only in Tennessee and asked if that was correct and I told him no, that Nevada has reciprocity with TN and I could carry here as well. (I had the Kahr and the Ruger on me at that time) He looked at me and Keith (AZ guy) and said he was glad we didn't have any with us. Keith and I looked at each other and smiled. And then we both looked back at the Scott and said, "Who says we don't?" The Scott and the German and his wife both went visibly pale. It was, in all honestly one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my nearly 45 years on the planet.

    I also told them that since they had been in Vegas for 3 1/2 weeks now that they had come into contact or close proximity to people who were armed many, many times. I then asked them, how many of these people have shot at you? Or shot anyone? Or threatened you? They admitted none had. To which Keith and I pointed out, that is exactly the point. People don't carry guns here to threaten anyone. They are defense tools and even then, they are the last resort.

    A day or two later, I needed to use a pocket knife in class. I used my Swiss Army knife (the Swiss guy approved, gave me a thumbs up) and the Scotsman told me that having that knife on me would be a mandatory 5 years in prison in Scotland. I showed him the carry knife I had with me (the smallest of the 4 I carry regularly and the only one I brought with me) and he measured it. The blade is a little over 4 inches long, a mandatory 15 years according to him. I told him that the USA isn't the country that's crazy, the UK is.

    I have no desire at all, none, to ever travel outside the USA ever again. I saw enough of the world when my rich Uncle Sam was paying my way. I'll just stay right here in the USA where I can defend myself and my family from those who would try to harm us instead of being required to run away, even if the attack happens in my own home. What a bunch of crap.

    Anyway, the school has 2 1/2 weeks left and then I get to go home thank goodness. I am a Southern guy. I like grass and trees and rain way too much to ever be able to live in the desert. I can't wait to go home. I have gotten to do a few cool things though. Went to Area 51 and got plenty of pictures of the security force guys in their white truck watching me take pictures of the signs of death. I've now been to the Little Aleinn in Rachel Nevada (the absolute definition of the middle of nowhere) and I've seen the Hoover Dam. Think I might drive out to the Grand Canyon this next weekend. Might as well enjoy myself on the weekends I figure.

    I know this was long. Sorry. I just wanted to let yall know I was still alive, in case anyone at all wondered.
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    It's cool that you are able to entertain yourself even on the weekends even in record Vegas heat. I have no desire to travel further outside the USA than California after refusing the tourism of my too-rich Uncle when but for the steady beat of rock 'n roll, I might've heard the call (but being a fresh 18yo HS grad less than six months before the fall of Saigon - but I digress). I'm with you, man. At least here, we have a chance. If we can't police the world, then we can educate by example. Proud to know you, brother.
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    Glad to hear that the new career path is working out good for ya, and excellent job representing the US as it should be. Very cool site seeing ventures too. I see shows all the time mentioning those locations and often wanted to visit, but just too far for my taste in drive time. Stay safe.
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    Where's TN_Mike been???

    Thanks for the update. The take on carry from the foreign students is really interesting.
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    Nice to see you check in Mike, and yes I was wondering how the move went and how the new job was doing for you. I finialy landed somthing more in my field and started just after the holiday weekend.
    It can be interesting to teach others ang get the perspective that has been ingrained in them, keep in mind you just planted seeds in the minds of your fellow classmates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rstickle View Post
    Where's TN_Mike been???
    I'd been looking for IN_Mike. What's with this "TN" stuff?

    Welcome back from hiatus Miguel. Glad you found a way to get back home.
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    Great story! Good luck on the new career.
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    Interesting report Mike.
    The Europeans' attitude toward firearms and knives shows how quickly people can be 'brainwashed' to believe almost anything.
    Imagine, people being okay with their government denying them the right/ability to defend themselves.
    Well...yea, I can imagine that.
    I live Jersey.
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    Thanks for the scoop on European gun attitudes. I too have no desire to travel abroad but maybe now to Switzerland.

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    I love your account of the Europeans and their views on guns! I met a guy from the UK this year who was convinced that all Americans were crazy because so many of us owned guns.
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    Hey,where you been?good to have you back!
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    What in the world do they use for edged tools in Scotland....hammers?
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    Good story, Mike, and glad to have you back.

    What a difference a generation makes. I spent a month in England in the summer of '71, and was a guest in many homes. I asked tons of questions about life and culture there, and although at the time handguns were tightly regulated (but not yet banned), I got more than one knowing wink or twinkle in the eye that told me there was probably a Webley and Scott .455 or an American M1917 tucked away in a drawer somewhere. WWII and the threat of a German invasion was a still-fresh memory then, so perish the thought of being caught defenseless (again!). But since then they've become the poster child of a nanny-state, where anything sharper than a butter knife is an illegal weapon and people are no safer for it. I like the English people and their fine adult beverages, but they can keep their stifling laws and taxation and socialist ideas on their side of the pond.
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    Hi Mike. I, for one, remembered you posting that you were going to be away for training for your new job, so I haven't really been concerned about you whereabouts--yet. Glad you are enjoying yourself in NV and informing the "colonial masters" how things are now in the new world of the free! Keep us informed as you get the time. Stay safe, study hard, and have fun.
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    Too bad a little time can't be put aside for a trip to a local range for 'em.

    They'd take a little American culture back with 'em.

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