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One of the other reasons NRA annoys me

This is a discussion on One of the other reasons NRA annoys me within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by suntzu Are you now the dictator of this forum deciding the rules of who should join... No sir, I'm not a 'dictator' ...

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Thread: One of the other reasons NRA annoys me

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    Quote Originally Posted by suntzu View Post
    Are you now the dictator of this forum deciding the rules of who should join...
    No sir, I'm not a 'dictator' of anything. But I stand by what I said. This forum and the NRA are joined at the hip, like it or not.

    I apologize for the "ROFLMAO" part though, I could have left that out.



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    Do what you want.

    If that is how anyone feels, then don't re-up.
    They(NRA) are the oldest organization standing between you and ANY form of government willing to LET you give them{take away} your right to carry a firearm, conceal it, HAVE it in your home, and the most proficient at doing so.

    That is the "Litmus" test.
    If anyone does not believe the rest of the world, AND a lot of elected officials do not have their sights set on our 2nd Amendment, you are delusional.
    Someday they will get it, Hopefully not in my lifetime though.

    If you can't stand them tugging at your apron strings , so be it.

    I'm in it for the long haul, so are they.
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    Just replying to your post. Sorry if you think I am delusional. Ya see, some of us don't like to be force fed half truths and fear mongering. Maybe if all members told the NRA to act like a professional organization and treat its members like they have a brain then I might reconsider.

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    If you don't wish to support the NRA , I highly recommend the 2nd Amendment Foundation at IMO Alan Gottlieb is very effective with a tiny amount of support that the NRA receives. Too many times the NRA was no where to be found and Allan was being quoted, on Television. A example was recently in Seattle when the Anti Gunners where out in force and the NRA was absent.
    Yesterday the Seattle proclaimed they will crack down on crimes with guns not legal owners. A big step in the right direction, much of it due IMO to the SAF

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    Consider it the junk mail, and email version of the pledge drives that public television has or publicly funded radio. It's annoying as all get out but I am guessing they are not going to get much response from "We are steadily plugging away to defend your 2nd Ammendment rights against any threat that may or may not actually be looming on the horizon. We are doing pretty well so far but how about give what you can give. That would be great"

    Seems they have to beat everyone about the head and neck with the whole Chicken Little Sky is Falling routine. I feel that the truth is somewhere in the middle. Our gun rights are very important and must be defended. I don't know if they could acheive the desired results without these lame tactics unfortunately. Do you know why there are telemarketers? Apparently, it works. I can't imagine on who but it must work or they wouldn't be doing it.

    It's a darn shame they don't have a checkbox to opt out of a lot of this stuff when you re-up your membership.

    Something like Check here if...You already drank the Kool Aid and the NRA's advertising dollar would be best spent on people who aren't already in such close alignment with the organization. Thanks for defending the 2nd amendment and please continue to send me my bi-annual update in addition to my choice of America's First Freedom or American Rifleman.
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    It's kind of like how some people have a sudden and insatiable desire to talk about vampires after the Twilight series became popular, except zombies are much less gay and more likely to exist one day

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    I'm an NRA endowment life member and no longer get those pesky re-up notices. I have a delete-all key for email, and heat the house with junk from the mail box. I believe SAF sent a rep to the UN, too. Go Alan G.
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    To each there own. I always say. Freedom of choice I say.
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    When I joined I received two mailings requesting donations before even getting my membership packet. I was done before I even got my papers.

    Called to try and cancel and was told I would have to petition the chairman. Decided to let it lapse. Opted out of all mailings aside from the magazine. I look at it as a magazine subscription that came with a free pen.

    I do like the pen.

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    ChevySS, Just because Jesse Jackson claims to be a Reverend, does not make me evil for not buying into his agenda. While the NRA has some pretty good motives, they also act in a sleazy manner. They have lost my respect, and that of many others.

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    I support the NRA, but they do some things that tick me off. I also support the Second Amendment Foundation, which actually does way more, politically, IMO to advance 2A rights.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    Arghh... 'Don't get me started...
    Me either.
    I think, therefore I am...

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    If the NRA has this negative effect on gun owners. There actions could very easily swing moderates to to the other side. I gave up on them in the 90s. But now they got my info from a LGS or online retailer. Now I'm getting the mailings again. Arg! The NRA is in my mind a bully. Tone down the rhetoric and treat us as intelligent people.
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    It'd be nice if your average American could make a personal choice without having to denigrate others for making a different choice.
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    I just signed up for 5 more years with NRA.
    I don't agree with everything Fox News says, but without them CNN, CBS, ABC, CNBC, throw in Morning Joe and "Mika (sp?) the brainless" would be all you could hear.
    NRA gives us a voice and power. Have no doubt NRA carries weight with the "Lords of the beltway" in Washington.
    Forgive the heavy-handed sales force.
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    I get tired of the emails, mailers, rhetoric, etc as well, I ignore a lot of it, but I don't ignore the power and help that NRA gives us in maintaining our 2A rights.

    If the anti-gun people hate NRA, that right there gives me reason to support the NRA.

    I'm a life member, and typically give NRA memberships as gifts to others in my family.
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