A broke washing machine & found ammo

A broke washing machine & found ammo

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Thread: A broke washing machine & found ammo

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    A broke washing machine & found ammo

    Problem -
    Washing machine broke the other day, I troubleshot it and my brother verify it for me as he is an appliance repairman. The timer is bad. He tells me where to call and to be sure and get the wholesale price and he will pick it up for me. We were looking at the cost of repairing or if it might be better and cheaper to just get another machine.

    Customer service, or lack thereof -
    So I call the place and tell the guy what I need and I want the wholesale price. (Before anyone scolds me, they do make a profit at wholesale or they wouldn't be in business) Well that must have made him mad because he says we don't do wholesale pricing! I say my brother and his company have been buying from you guys for 30 years or more. He asks what company? I tell him and he proceeds to pretend to look it up and comes back and says he can't find any record of such a company. ...I knew I could probably get the part cheaper than here but I like to support local business as I know times are hard and I could probably get the part quicker. Oh well, he quotes me $140 including tax. I told my brother about my experience with them and he said yeah, sometimes they're butts.

    Saving money -
    So I went back online where had I had referenced the part at Sears and ordered it online for $102 shipped. Probably right at his wholesale price that he didn't have.

    Ammo -
    Today I got the part 2 days earlier than promised and went looking for my manual to see if it showed me how to take things apart. I didn't find the manual but buried back in a deep dark corner of my junk room in a file cabinet that was barricaded I did find in the back of a drawer 5 boxes (100 rounds) of PMC 223 FMJ AND... a 50 round box of PMC 9mm 115gr FMJ AND... a 50 round box of Speer Lawman 9mm 115gr JHP!

    All the PMC stuff are in white boxes with red & black marking and the Speer Lawman is a white box with only black label/marking. Anyone have an idea how old this ammo is? I have no idea when I bought it or if some one gave it to me or how it got in that drawer!

    The important thing is, today I'm washing clothes again and I'm 200 rounds of ammo richer (than I knew)! Oh happy day!
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    Range trip....O' and dont forget the pics....LMAO
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    1st when i make a discovery there is the 'ain't that nice feeling' followed by the
    'how is it i can misplace someting like that and still be trusted to take out the baby?'
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    Nice job. I thought the lost ammo broke the machine. Quick, go the Vegas! You're on a roll.
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    Don't forget the free target(old timer)
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    Too bad your brother is states away from me. My matag dryer is making a "clunk" noise and I can't get my regular repairman to give me a call back. Glad your washing machine is fixed and you found that ammo. You had a good day after all.
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