Rx Required for Sunscreen at School = Fried Kids :-|

Rx Required for Sunscreen at School = Fried Kids :-|

This is a discussion on Rx Required for Sunscreen at School = Fried Kids :-| within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; It is not just guns that the libs make stupid decisions about - check this out. Talk about stupid rules. WA is justifying its rule ...

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Thread: Rx Required for Sunscreen at School = Fried Kids :-|

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    Rx Required for Sunscreen at School = Fried Kids :-|

    It is not just guns that the libs make stupid decisions about - check this out. Talk about stupid rules. WA is justifying its rule by saying it must be OK, because CA does it...

    Girls badly sunburned when school requires doctor's note for sunscreen | Fox News
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    Going to prove once again, we are a nation of idiots!

    FDA regulates sunscreen so it must be a drug!

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    Sadly, it seems that way too many schools are run by people promoted to well above their level of incompetence. Obviously no one with common sense running that particular freak show of an educational institution.
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    I started school in the late 1950's, finished college in the 70's. Never heard of or needed any stinkin' sunscreen at school. However when we were out of school during the summer, we were outside most of the time. I can only remember getting a sunburn at the beach or on a lake fishing/skiing. That was rare to get burned.

    I do feel sorry for those fair-skinned folks, ya'll need all the help you can get.

    Speaking of heat, how about A/C? I don't think we had A/C in school until I was in high school, it seems like some/most classes had a window unit. I know in elementary I well remember the oscillating fan sitting on the teachers desk moving back and forth across the students waiting their turn for a little breeze. I don't remember being hot, though I bet the nicely dressed teachers were hot though.

    Do school buses have A/C these days?
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    I do think it's stupid that a dr note is required for sunscreen, but it's nothing new. The kids in the news story didn't even have sunscreen applied at home because it was a cloudy day. With kids that fair and at that age, mom must have encountered the sunscreen rule before - I do think it's a ridiculous rule but mom needs to take some responsibility IMO.

    Ppkheat - Where I live in FL, not all buses have a/c - the newer ones do. I always thought it dumb my younger kids have a 25 min bus ride and their bus has a/c ... My oldest had an hour and a half these last couple years, his bus - no a/c. Poor planning on the part of transportation.

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