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Illegal seizure of a helmet cam? Police brutality? For you bikers out there,....

This is a discussion on Illegal seizure of a helmet cam? Police brutality? For you bikers out there,.... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by atctimmy I see only one cop acting the fool. "These cops" sounds a little to me like "those people". Let's not group ...

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Thread: Illegal seizure of a helmet cam? Police brutality? For you bikers out there,....

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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    I see only one cop acting the fool. "These cops" sounds a little to me like "those people". Let's not group everyone into one bunch here. Let's just talk about the one guy who screwed up. I'll remind you that the other officer (in the dash cam vid) appears to be a credit to his profession.

    Also there is an investigation in progress so there will be an outcome to this. It isn't being swept under the rug.
    You see multiple cops in the video...all with the same intentions...violation of rights.......and yes.....give it some time and under the rug is where it will be filed.
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    The biker was defensive right from the start. I am guessing he did something before the traffic stop. I have seen plenty of videos of these bikes going thru traffic at 150+MPH on utube. I just think there is more to this story than an obstructive license plate. I would be angry if I got pulled over and arrested over a license plate issue.

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    Interesting opinions and views, thanks for weighing in. I was feeling a bit mixed based on everything I can read and watch myself.

    I'm a human and have lost my temper at my work place before and said/done things I wasn't proud of, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who can admit to this,...., I understand it happens BUT when I lost my temper, rights did not get violated , people do not get slammed into hoods of cars or violently shoved into backseats.When someone is paid to uphold the law, and is given a weapon and combative training and authority to arrest someone, YOUR DANG RIGHT I HOLD THEM TO A HIGHER STANDARD AS SHOULD WE ALL. He had NO reason to be physically abusive to the rider. I don't disagree that the rider was being standoffish and rude to the officer, he lost his temper and I can't blame him for being mad after being told his camera was being taken BUT his attitude prior to that and his attitude throughout the whole thing seemed like he was expecting "the defecation to hit the ventilation" from the moment the siren came on.

    I also don't disagree that bikers that act like idiots make all bikers look like disrespectful jerks, ESPECIALLY to non-riders, much in the same way idiots that pull out their guns for a guy farting makes us pro-gun folk look bad to "the rest of the society". I don't ride and have no interest in riding.

    In the helmet video, before being pulled you see bikers flying by the camera-rider, and bikes illegally passing on the shoulder, no turn signals, etc....Hardly felonies. Dangerous, illegal and stupid? Absolutely. There is a chance that there ARE bikers committing felonies on his helmet cam. We will likely never know that.

    As far as the dash cam video of the bikers acting stupid-I can't same I blame officers for being frustrated with the general situation but again that doesn't excuse slamming a man unto a hood, taking his camera, shoving him into the car, and impounding his bike. (Maybe the laws there constitute an arrest and impound for license plate obstruction? I do not know?).

    EDIT: I remember reading earlier in the thread something along the lines of going to a different gun forum to talk about this type of stuff{I don't feel like going back and trying to find it to quote it.},...Why? Isn't that why we have an off-topic section? To talk about "off-topic" things?

    I also agree with someone else above posting along the lines of seeing cars flying by and breaking laws, am I going to get stereotyped with those people for merely driving a car?

    "To blame a gun for a mans decision is to foolishly attribute free will to an inanimate object"- Colion Noir.

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    Cop lost his own control. I believe what went down will generate a law suit. Cop needs to be relieved. Cops are NOT above the law.

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    Another example of over reaching their authority,,,,, ALL POLICE ARE NOT BOY SCOUTS,,,
    every patrol car SHOULD BE FORCED TO HAVE VIDEO CAMERAS ,,,,, this would help get
    rid of the BAD APPLES.

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    Yes, I'm sure they all were out to violate rights. I think there is a video forthcoming of each and everyone of them telling their wives that as they put on their pants in the morning. Again, this one has crossed the line into absurd. Shocker, I know.
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    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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