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Anyone else feeling the heat?

This is a discussion on Anyone else feeling the heat? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Currently 94 here in Rock Hill, SC. With the lowest humidity I think I've ever seen here, 29%. Tomorrow's going to be a real burner ...

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Thread: Anyone else feeling the heat?

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    Rock Hill, SC- Across Town From Where All the Homicides Happen
    Currently 94 here in Rock Hill, SC. With the lowest humidity I think I've ever seen here, 29%.

    Tomorrow's going to be a real burner though. High of 106, and expected humidity at 42%.
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    Well, in comparison to some of you, I feel fortunate.
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    96 here & I'm feeling it. I hate the doggone HOT weather. I don't ever even put a light jacket on over a T-Shirt until the temperature goes down to 38 F.
    Give me cold, damp, cloudy, overcast, & windy any old day.
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    Not nearly as hot as it is for our guys and gals in Afghanistan or elsewhere in SW Asia. And they very well are living in primitive conditions, without A/C, and humping around in 80 pounds of gear looking for IEDs.

    I almost let myself complain about the heat today, and then I remembered its been a lot worse. Its all about perspective
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    today is the first day in two weeks that we have not had rain.....lots, and lots of rain. Tropical Storm Debby just sat in the Gulf of Mexico just south of Tallahassee for several days and pulled a ton of moisture north with her. Today it got up to 88 degrees in Orlando with fairly low humidity this time of year and sunny skies. When hurricanes or tropical storms blow through, they pull all the humidity with them. I talked to a guy that lives in Dallas today that told me he came to Orlando to cool off. That's a first.
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    107 here today in SE Missouri. No rain in the last 30 days, no prospects of any in the future.

    Sat on my front porch for a little while this afternoon when I got home from work just watching the traffic go by. Most of it was camels.

    Saw two trees this afternoon fighting over a dog.

    Caught a little bass from the river yesterday, and it was full of ticks.

    Saw a coyote chasing a rabbit, and both of them were walking.
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    it's been like this in alabama for awhile, I'm not worried about it because it's the summer and it's suppose to be warm. If you want to be cold move to northern Canada or Alaska.

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    There is a squirrel in my yard holding his nuts with a potholder 101degrees right now
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    It got Africa hot today. My thermometer on the patio read 106.
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    Looking to be 104 in Mecklenburg Co. Charlotte area tomorrow. The natives are going to be restless...

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    105 today. We're over 6" below normal water levels right now. It drives me nuts when I see people watering their yards when we havent had rain in ages. First of all, its 100+ degrees! How long do you think that water will remain?? My guess is about 15 seconds before it evaporates. If you care more about your lawn than the water levels at least water at night. Secondly, stop watering your lawn and you wont have to mow it. Win-win. I digress...

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    South East Florida 88 tomorrow but probably 70% humid. Playing golf at 3:00. Should be a very clear, blue sky day.
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    Here in the PHX area,"normal" rainfall is 6" a year, pretty evenly divided between the Dec-March winter season and the June-Sept "monsoon" season. Since Christmas, we've had less than 3/8" of rain. We set a record this year with the earliest arrival of heat, 112F in May. Right now the humidity is increasing... when the dew point gets over 50F, it's pretty nasty if the temp is over 110.
    But yes, it's a "dry heat." So is your oven.

    Here's the current forecast:
    Attached Images
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    I have a indoor/outdoor thermometer. At 2 this afternoon it was 104 at my front door, 77 inside. Grass is not growing and the dogs go out for short times then want back into the air conditioner.

    Tomorrow I have water aerobics at 10 in the morning....will be back home by 12 noon. Hubby wants to go out for dinner and a movie tomorrow....not really sure that will happen. It is rain....and seems be staying that way for a while.
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    Reached 106 here, currently at 11:13pm, it's still 90.
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