bath salts- what are they ?

bath salts- what are they ?

This is a discussion on bath salts- what are they ? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; We are increasingly hearing about them but what are they? So I looked it up and this is what I found... Bath Salts", the newest ...

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Thread: bath salts- what are they ?

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    bath salts- what are they ?

    We are increasingly hearing about them but what are they? So I looked it up and this is what I found...

    Bath Salts", the newest fad to hit the shelves (virtual and real), is the latest addition to a growing list of items that young people can obtain to get high. The synthetic powder is sold legally online and in drug paraphernalia stores under a variety of names, such as "Ivory Wave," "Purple Wave," "Red Dove," "Blue Silk," "Zoom," "Bloom," "Cloud Nine," "Ocean Snow," "Lunar Wave," "Vanilla Sky," "White Lightning," "Scarface," and "Hurricane Charlie." Because these products are relatively new to the drug abuse scene, our knowledge about their precise chemical composition and short- and long-term effects is limited, yet the information we do have is worrisome and warrants a proactive stance to understand and minimize any potential dangers to the health of the public.
    "Bath Salts" - Emerging and Dangerous Products | National Institute on Drug Abuse

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    If you take bath salts please be considerate and wear a muzzle. Thanks!
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    But they make my skin so soft after a long soak with candles around the tub and soft music playing...
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    Quote Originally Posted by 357and40 View Post
    But they make my skin so soft after a long soak with candles around the tub and soft music playing...
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    They make my farts smell flowery
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    They make my farts smell flowery
    Charcoal and bath-salts....... ?!?
    Let it rip with these deodorized fart pads

    Guess it 'Depends' on what ya think is floral.........

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    Let's get back on topic, folks.
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    Maybe the word "bath" is confusing folks and making them take their clothes off.
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    Here in the Phoenix area, "bath salts" are cheap and available at the local smoke shops. Unfortunately, my twin stepsons (20) decided this would be a great high, but one of them went psychotic for close to six weeks after doing this 'stuff.' If you want an exercise in frustration and wasted expense, there's probably no better shortcut than to have your semi-adult kid ingest this poison. I've dealt with bipolars and schizophrenics and autistics before, but this was the most nonlinear and unpredictable behavior I've ever experienced. I don't wish this experience on anyone.

    I understand the problems with the criminalization of weed use, but this poison falls into the same crack and too many idiots are defending its legality. I hate to paint with too broad a brush, but the last thing we need are more legal intoxicants. Show me how you can draw a sharp dividing line between the junk called "bath salts" and cannabis, and maybe I'd back down from my strong "anti" stance.
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    Can't even begin to tell you how many weekend safety briefs were extended due to the whole bath salts and spice fiasco's... Always some soldier doing something stupid, making the safety briefs last even longer (Like DUI's weekly...).

    You ask me, its natural selection.

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    The quest for the highest 'high,' all too frequently yielding the lowest 'low.'

    Oooh, ooooh ... wait! Brake cleaner, available in any auto parts store for $4.98. In convenient one-time-use containers. The newest party rage.

    bath salts- what are they ?-353200.jpg
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    They have graduated from canned air (keyboard cleaner) to brake parts cleaner. What a friggin waste! 2 things I'm always short of when I go to do some work. That didn't sound exactly right but I'm sure I had a hell of a weekend. :)
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