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Would You Be Any Easy Mark?

This is a discussion on Would You Be Any Easy Mark? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Um, so where exactly is COM? Confusing Tango indeed. And so what is that wimpy cashier's deal? Throwing packs of cigs at her? Really? All ...

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Thread: Would You Be Any Easy Mark?

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    Um, so where exactly is COM? Confusing Tango indeed.

    And so what is that wimpy cashier's deal? Throwing packs of cigs at her? Really? All kidding aside, if this hobag came in to rob me with a weapon in her hand thinking that skimpy shirt was going to make me not defend myself, that's where her BIG mistake would be. That sad sack cashier had more than one chance to completely bust her jaw and knock her out. I don't hit girls, but a criminal that's going to try and rob me is going to at least get a knuckle sandwich that they won't forget.
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    No,I haven't seen her. But if she's out there looking at this site,ROB ME PLEASE!!!
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    Watched it 3 times and still have not seen her face...
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    She was busted from the start......
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    She had blue eyes,,,,, well that my story ,,,, and I am sticking to it.
    ummmm wife came in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldrwizr View Post
    Gene, I just noticed your footnote thing. Nice! That's my religion precisely, I just can't believe it actually came from the Bible!

    Well, I guess you could say: Money is the answer for everything with a price tag. For everything else there's Glock! In Glock we trust.
    Thanks. There's a lot of wisdom in the Bible. I like that verse because it throws a lot of people for a loop until they look it up and read it for themselves.

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    Gentlemen, granted I did post the thread in Humor and bait you with suggestive questions but I was serious when I speculated about finding a flaw in my defense. I think we would be wise to acknowledge that females have a tactical advantage over males and count our blessings that more do not exploit it in the commission of a felony. Men are very visual and seem inclined to throw caution to the wind when confronted with a pretty smile or shapely figure. Seconds matter and without even trying this psycho was able to close the distance without even trying. Just because this individual woman was not inclined to use her knife doesn’t mean there are not those who would. Laugh if you will that you would simply grab her and overpower her but what if she had a gun and the mindset to use it? With the proliferation of bath salts and God only knows what else these people put in their bodies it is easy for me to envision this type of situation ending very badly. Maybe I’m just being paranoid but don’t we train for the highly unlikely scenarios?

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    Quote Originally Posted by garwha View Post
    Fueling the vehical is one of the most dangereous, and loading shopping into the car. They like to catch you a little distracted.
    Yet, way too many people say their situational awareness never fails them...

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