Is it just me or are guns getting uglier?

Is it just me or are guns getting uglier?

This is a discussion on Is it just me or are guns getting uglier? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; What ever happened to style? I like function and reliability as much as the next shooter, but some designs are bordering on hideous! Samuel Colt ...

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Thread: Is it just me or are guns getting uglier?

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    Is it just me or are guns getting uglier?

    What ever happened to style? I like function and reliability as much as the next shooter, but some designs are bordering on hideous!

    Is it just me or are guns getting uglier?-sig-p6.jpg

    Samuel Colt made a firearm that was an extension of your hand. It was a weapon and a tool and it was a work of art. I dont think there's a reason to sacrifice good design by saying it will preform better.
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    I think it's just you getting uglier. Ba dum dump! Thank you, I'll be here all week! Remember to tip your waitress and bartender.

    But seriously... I will respond with not one, but TWO cliches:

    1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I know people that think Glocks are beautiful.
    2. Form follows function. A gun is a tool... it shouldn't matter what it looks like so long as it does what it's supposed to do (although we all know it still does to some degree).
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    It's just you.
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    Some are better than others. Sig p-238 in rainbow. In your hand it isn't as bright as the photo but there is just an irredesant quality to it.

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    I want my guns black and ugly. I want them to look like the tools they are.
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    Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.
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    I don't want mine too pretty. It rides around with me all day everyday and it wouldn't stay that way long.

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    Yes, guns are uglier. They used to be hand crafted pieces of art that cost as much as a years salary.

    Now they are available to the common man at affordable prices so beauty isn't high on the list of "needs". There are always tradeoffs.

    There are still well made, finely crafted beautiful guns out there to be had. They just cost more than most of us can afford.

    Here's an example:
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    The ugly ones need love too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chad Rogers View Post
    I want my guns black and ugly. I want them to look like the tools they are.
    This sir we agree on....
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    There is a place for "pretty" or "purrty" guns. We see them form time to time here. As many have stated, our carry weapons get a lot of use and natural wear and tear as opposed to our opulent safe queen that only sees daylight when we return our carry piece to the safe. They are out there, but here the "tool' side is more often seen. Get some beauties and post some pics!

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    I have a Ruger SP101 revolver and a Ruger (raspberry/black) LCP and they are both pretty to me. Pretty important that is.

    We have a antique "pepper box", a vintage Continental Winchester Rifle and a little vintage handgun that were from my father's collection. They are attractive, but I don't think our other weapons are ugly. I guess beauty IS in the eye of the beholder.
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    Like woman, I prefer beauty. It doesn't take anymore to feed a pretty woman than it does an ugly one.

    For me a gun is more than a tool. It is a work of mechanical art, and looks don't take away from the functioning. Nothing to me is more beautiful than a classic revolver, 1911 in it's Goverment Model configuration, or blue steel and nice wood.

    Decorative grips are also desirable for me.

    My wife has agreed to purchase for me a revolver with full scroll work, gold inlay, and engraving, plus custom exotic grips as a retirement gift. It will most definitely be the most expensive handgun I own, and I will carry it as any edc.

    I love my Glocks, but there is something special about a gun that you take great pride in, that's beautiful to look at, and use.
    Give me nickel plating, ivory or mother of pearl grips and exotic leather anyday.
    Im the type of guy who will buy a special edition or commemorative and shoot the hell out of it.

    It's not for everybody. But for me, it's a gotta have.
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    Other than super premium long guns most of the pretty stuff today its perfume on a pig. You don't see aesthetically designed pistols anymore. The Walther P38 and PPK were the last. But even they fall short of the Luger.
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