why yo tasering me I did nuttin wrong

why yo tasering me I did nuttin wrong

This is a discussion on why yo tasering me I did nuttin wrong within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Part 1 Police Brutality ? .. Jaywalker Tasered for not handing over IDENTIFICATION (and he has a CHL and A security permit but not for ...

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Thread: why yo tasering me I did nuttin wrong

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    why yo tasering me I did nuttin wrong

    Part 1 Police Brutality ? .. Jaywalker Tasered for not handing over IDENTIFICATION (and he has a CHL and A security permit but not for long)

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    Based on what I saw, it doesn't seem like the police had a right to ask him for ID. However, once they tried to arrest him he was resisting. Just saying "I'm not resisting" while you are resisting isn't good enough. Now the fact that it may not have been a lawful command in the first place is interesting, but in my opinion, once the cops have made their decision (right or wrong) it is probably best to comply and fight the battle a different way.
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    If the woman had had the presence of mind to call 911 instead of trying to video the whole incident, maybe she would have actually been able to talk to the cops' supervisor!
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    Wonder why she is so worried about incriminating herself if none of them did anything.

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    Which state did this happen in? That is important in assessing the lawfulness of the demand for ID.

    The SC Hibel v Nevada ruling only requires that you state who you are, not that you show ID.
    (Assuming he wasn't carrying in a must inform state.)

    This is similar in nature to that thread with the kid with the rifle on his back.

    Not police brutality IMO, but not right either.

    Added a few moments later, this url just shows the total legal confusion on the issue,
    and provides little of practical use--

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    That was funny right there!
    Where do these idiots get the idea that an officer is going to stop performing an arrest and call for a supervisor as soon as you ask for one? If they wanted to see a supervisor faster they should have complied instead of dancing around the parking lot with the officers, or as has been said instead of shooting video she should have been making phone calls.

    As far as the legal aspects go, if they were stopped for any violation of the law (jaywalking, spitting on the sidewalk whatever) , the officers use of force was completely justified IMHO. Walking around saying you are not resisting is resisting. Any time you break the law like jaywalking, you are subject to arrest. It is not at our discretion, it is at the officers discretion. If you notice at one point he only has one cuff on and has broken free. He should be happy that all that he got was to ride the lightning. In the "old" days with some departments that was a "shoot" situation.
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    Video is not family friendly due to the use of profane language at 2:30 on the second video.

    Therefore it is closed.
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