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This is a discussion on metal... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Heavy metal really began for most with the Beatle's release of "Sgt Pepper". Followed up by bands like Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, etc. That stuff ...

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    Heavy metal really began for most with the Beatle's release of "Sgt Pepper". Followed up by bands like Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, etc. That stuff that came later (And I like some of it) swiped the name from the early stuff as much as the "Happy Boys" swiped rainbows (remember the popular window stickers in the 70s?) and the word "gay" for their own agenda.
    I don't always have nothing to say, but when I do, I post it on Facebook.

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    The plate that was on my car when I lived in NY.

    I love metal / rock. AC/DC, Metallica, G&R....basically all the 80's hair bands. I also dig some of the new rock, as long as its rock, and not this glitter covered fairy junk that these boy rockers are peddling as rock. Best I can describe it, for you Sirius listeners, is Octane and Hair Nation. It's about all I listen to.

    BTW, awesome thread
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    I live on Progressive Rock/Metal. Dream Theater, Symphony X, Avenged Sevenfold, Pagan's Mind... Oh and I love Frank Zappa. Not exactly metal, but I try to mention him whenever I talk music. :-)

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    wow, surprising results. some of my favorites lately:

    Quote Originally Posted by CanuckQue View Post
    Oh, and Kyuss. I effing love Kyuss as background music when I'm working. It totally allows me to focus.
    (but you need to get a taste for it)
    kyuss is awesome. so is clutch, orange goblin, and nebula.

    Quote Originally Posted by miller_man View Post
    I LOVE METAL!!!! I'm a huge metal fanatic.

    Almost everybody that finds out I like "that music" can't believe it. I dress pretty casual, preppy - have no tattoos or peircings, and am pretty laid back and calm. Not what most would expect from someone who digs metal music I guess.

    BUT I LOVE IT! And the harder it is, the more I like it. My favorite band is Lamb of god, followed by a slew of others -as i lay dying, chimaira, unearth, in flames, bleeding through, trivium, slayer, parkway drive, - ok could go on forever. Not a big fan of most of the half way bands like the static x, god smack and stuff, not enough metal in that stuff for me.

    But as I've gotten older I do keep it to myself pretty much. I'll usually just rock out in my truck when I'm by myself or with my ipod. I can totally understand most people don't prob like hearing it.
    yea i like technical death metal mostly. check out my band if you like lamb of god, Born under Sirius - Milwaukee/Port Washington, Wisconsin U.S.A. if you click the music tab you can download the stuff for free. i sing and play guitar.

    Quote Originally Posted by GrandZJ View Post
    I have testament playing as I type
    the new one is silly good. alex is probably my favorite lead player of all time. his solos on the ritual? yeah.
    My metal band: Born under Sirius

    Glock 23, mic holster, clipdraw, abdominal carry.

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