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what do you remember from when you were a kid?

This is a discussion on what do you remember from when you were a kid? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by Badey Playing Mario Brothers on the original Nintendo Entertainment System oh yeah. me and my best friend spent entire weekends playing this, ...

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Thread: what do you remember from when you were a kid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badey View Post
    Playing Mario Brothers on the original Nintendo Entertainment System
    oh yeah. me and my best friend spent entire weekends playing this, duck hunt, and tecmo bowl.
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    5 cent bubble gum with baseball cards... We ate the gum and threw away the cards.
    Playing war in the woods and using the juice from Atomic Fireballs dribbling out of out mouths as fake blood when shot.
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    The smell of gun powder, strong coffee, hanging in the air at our local gun club on a cool, still morning as my grandfather was competing. I was 6 years old.

    FM converters

    Squirrel hunting with the best dogs this side of the Mississippi, cause deer were rare, and there were no turkeys.

    Shooting bats flying by the lightpole with a 28 gauge sxs on Friday night.

    McCloud and the Rockford files. All in the Family, Flip Wilson and Laugh In on the huge TV that got poor reception on all but 1 of our 3 channels.

    Explorers and Rangers were full sized pkup trucks.

    Smith and Wesson only did one thing- revolvers which they made well.
    Gun selection was limited, but it was all quality.
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    I remember listening to KOMA and WULS radio in my dad's company car on weekend evenings. It was a 64 Ford Custom. Later it became my first car. I remember the thunder storms were really loud and scary. It used to rain a lot. My best friend and I hunting birds with BB guns, then later rabbits with our .22s. My dad could fix anything! My mom's roast beef and noodles every Sunday. Sure miss them both. I also remember the A-bomb drills in school, and the tension of the Cuban missile crisis. JFK being shot. My first girlfriend in grade school. Lots of good memories, my childhood was great.

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    I remember the show Rat Patrol.
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    under a rock in area 51
    rock'em sock'em robots with the ratchet head that popped up when you got a good hit

    Mohamed ali and Joe Frasier fights

    Late night radio on the am station used to play the radio shows like "the shadow"

    Steel and wheat back pennies

    Penny arcades

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    Probably my first honest, "see it all', memory is watching my dad shave. My Dad. Immortal, or so I thought. Standing there in a white "wife beater" t-shirt, his wet blond hair combed straight back, hot steamy bathroom, the mirror over the sink 'squeaking' as he rubbed a hole across the glass to clear the steam. He put shave cream on my face and handed me a plastic hair comb. He showed me how to "use" it. I shaved with my dad ... now rest in peace. Smoothest shave I've ever had. Thanks Dad!

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    I remember
    Walking to school and going home for lunch.
    Listening to AM Radio: WFIL and WIBG.
    Riding my Schwin StingRay
    Having a hot dog and coke at the 5 and dime lunch counter, which was right next to the pet dept with parakeets and red eared turtles.
    Playing Free-the-Pit, Poison Block, Red Light/Green Light and stickball.
    The Whip stopping in the neighborhood.
    The corner bakery, the corner pharmacy, the corner hardware store and the corner candy store.
    Sunday spaghetti dinners.
    The cute blonde girl that lived across the street.

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    I remember going outside to turn the TV antennae to pick up a different station.

    I was my Dads remote control for the TV we got 4 channels and if the atmosphere was just right we got 5

    When my Grandfather showed my his treasure chest, some silver dollars, his Purple Heart, his Fathers pocket watch, a Japanese sword and coins, a Large shell fragment that got stuck in his rucksack, his dog tags and a photo of his best friend who never left Guadalcanal. He told me the story of each and he got tears in his eyes a couple of times, that was the day I got to know the Man that was my Poppaw
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    Mighty Mouse

    what do you remember from when you were a kid?-mighty-mouse.jpg
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    Black and white TV and when they changed to color!

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    404 Page Not Found
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    Getting my first gun when I was six. And getting home from school when I was 14 and my mom having the news on telling me that a plane had just hit the world trade center thinking at the time it must be a terrible accident until we saw the second plane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcp1810 View Post
    ....A trip to McDonalds was special.
    Yup. It was considered going out to eat, so we only went once in a while.

    Bob's Big Boy with the huge statue of the kid in front of the restaurant.

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    Seeing Goldfinger when it first came out with my MOM
    Going to the movies on Saturday[ seeing two movies] with $2-getting in[ 40 cents]-buying popcorn-soda-candy.[$1] And on the way home buying 3 soft pretzels for a quarter.
    Batman,Green Hornet on TV
    Beverly Hillbillies
    Mod Squad
    Kennedy being killed
    MLK being killed
    Rowan and Martins Laugh In

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