What's the smallest caliber you trust to protect yourself?

What's the smallest caliber you trust to protect yourself?

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Thread: What's the smallest caliber you trust to protect yourself?

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    What's the smallest caliber you trust to protect yourself?

    Regarding caliber wars:
    What's the smallest caliber you trust to protect yourself?-caliber.jpg
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    Hell if I had to, I would trust my fist to defend my life and will without hesitation I might add, however IMO, the .25ACP x 9 rounds is by no means something to sneeze at. The proper round choice "FMJ" is the key to defense with the minimal calibers. That, coupled with placement + quantity will / should provide the victim the time to evade the attack, if it doesn't put the punk down out right. Just my opinion YMMV.

    Oh, and I carry the .25ACP 950 BS as a BUG to my primary and feel very well armed against the everyday thug. In fact I'd say; the poor loser that causes me to pull either to defend my life will be very sorry for what they started.
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    My EDC is a Colt Defender in .45ACP, but my BUG is a Ruger LCR .38+P. I also carry a NAA .22 Magnum as a BUG to my BUG.
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    Whatever is in easy reach.

    I personally don't carry smaller than 9mm/.38spl... but if all I had was a single round of .22CB, I guess It would teach me to be careful with shot placement!

    Edit: Just read the text on your pic... the .22CB would work in that situation also.

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    Hi-cap 9mm is the only way I edc.
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    A sling shot with .32 caliber lead balls.

    Ok, seriously, does it really matter what caliber as long as it gets the job done of stopping the threat?

    I have tossed a cheap Saturday night special .25acp in my pocket for just a few as well as carrying the LCP .380 or my S&W 9mm or my .38spl 5-shot revolver. ALL capable of injury or death when used.

    Caliber wars are kind of pointless.
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    9mm is the smallest I would trust my life with, but I wouldn't turn down a .380, .25, or .22 if it was my only choice.
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    I would trust whatever i had in my hand, smalles that would be in my house, is a 22...... and i would trust that to the fullest.... i can shoot 10 .... 22 shells pretty fast a pretty darn accurate... would that be my choice, no, but if it was my only choice, yes, i would trust it, as sometimes when i am kicking around oustide, the 22 gets the call....
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    Like GBK, my fist or the paperweight on my desk will do in a pinch.

    The smallest caliber that I carry is .380, and that is only on days where it is not feasible to carry anything larger than an LCP.

    Generally, you'll find me with .45 or 9mm.
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    When weather and or clothing dictate the LCP is the carry pistol in .380 but I prefer the Kahr 9mm and with heavy clothing in the winter my Beretta PX4 Storm SC .40 cal. If there was not all the choices I would carry the Bobcat in .22 which is better than a butter knife. Just saying I can't fight or run so the .22 would have to do.
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    I don't go lower than .380, but I don't bash those who use .22, or even .17 wmr.
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    A .380 is the smallest that I carry, but that's only because I don't own a .32

    If I cuold only carry a .22 for some reason, then that's what i would use
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    Assuming we are talking handgun rounds, I would say 9mm or 38 +P. Long guns have plenty of effective rounds that are smaller caliber. But, that's probably another topic.

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    At one point I carried an .32acp. It was all I had and I was glad to have it. If it werent for the safety (I am left handed) I would have no problem carrying my Ruger MkII .22.
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    I'd trust all my guns, however I have the least faith in rim fire ammo (aka my .22's whether it's my P22 or 10/22). That said, I'd rather load up my P22 for my wife and know she can put 10 rounds on center of mass quickly than have one round of anything else hit and the rest miss or not even get fired. I keep it loaded with CCI Stingers, which is supposed to be the best performing round in that gun.

    She doesn't know it yet, but she's becoming a shooter... she went from 0 interest to smiling and asking questions (she shoots once a year on father's day with me).
    Baby steps.


    I personally carry a .45, but I can shoot it well and it's easy to carry. I also carry a .380 for those times when nothing else will do and concealment is the highest priority.

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