Knifes vs Guns.

Knifes vs Guns.

This is a discussion on Knifes vs Guns. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Not to get into the knife vs gun debate. I was wondering are there more knife attacks where you live? There were two people killed ...

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Thread: Knifes vs Guns.

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    Knifes vs Guns.

    Not to get into the knife vs gun debate.

    I was wondering are there more knife attacks where you live?

    There were two people killed by being stabbed in the neck at the West Indian parade last week and one of my old employee was killed the same way a few nights ago.

    I was wondering with the crackdown of guns in NY
    ( I know bloomberg does not allow guns in NY ) and the heavy jail time for illegally carrying.

    Are BG going to knives?

    I know I do not let anybody get withing 21 ft of me.
    I know I code red all the time.

    Serious replies.
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    BGs will always have something to commit evil. I'd guess guns outnumber knives here in S. FL. Personally I'd be more afraid of a knife than a gun. Bang--it's over, whereas a knife can slice you into bacon and cause you to bleed to death slowly and painfully.
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    It would be valuable to know the most likely threat in one's area. Being a bit lazy these days, I'm dependent on what the media tells me and over the years I've grown skeptical of what they pass along. Here in SE Michigan I think guns are the bigger threat. That is just a general impression and I have no science to back-up my belief. I think although knives are easier to obtain, a different type of person chooses to employ one in the commission of a crime. They are much more intimate and I believe that the sober person who will look you in the eyes and then plunge a knife into you is a bit more rare. I try not to let anyone get that close.

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