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This is a discussion on A fishy project... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Glad it was you who set the toaster on fire, my 5 year-old use to like to wacth aluminum foil spark in the microwave. I ...

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Thread: A fishy project...

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    Glad it was you who set the toaster on fire, my 5 year-old use to like to wacth aluminum foil spark in the microwave.

    I can't wait to see it lit up with fish in it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pgrass101 View Post
    Glad it was you who set the toaster on fire, my 5 year-old use to like to wacth aluminum foil spark in the microwave.

    I can't wait to see it lit up with fish in it.
    Neither can I!

    But JD and I have made a deal. No fish until we get curtains. Which should be about as much time as it will take for the tank to finish its nitrogen cycle anyway so it's all good.

    Every time I go into town, however, I pass the fish store and I have to fight the urge to go in and get a clown. I love those little guys. They are so cute and the way they swim is just too darned adorable. I am forbidding myself from even stopping there because I don't think I'll be able not to buy one... lol

    And pgrass.. I think I will have my hands full when my little boy gets older and starts figuring stuff out. He LOVES fire. We have to watch him closely around anything combustible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    What crashed it? Do you know?
    Rollo paid a visit!
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    Folks may not know that Mrs.Tunes is a pretty doggone good and talented artist.

    Lima - you should paint a realistic underwater scene on canvas and slip it in behind your tank.

    BTW - There is a huge salt water tank in the dining room where my Mom is staying now & some of those fish are so colorful and beautiful.

    That tank seems to be very well maintained and a guy comes in on a regular basis to do the routine upkeep on it.
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    You must of been watching that show "Tanked" last show they built a shark tank for Tracey Morgan
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    My favorite Tanked is the Bart Scott koi pond, I'm building a bigger pond next year. Wife won't let the fish in the house <sigh>. My favorite tank for them was the casino tank- what a monster!
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    Great build Lima, that looks really professional.

    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    Sand that has living organisms in it already. .. bacteria, worms, other oceanic bugs. You can also get live rock!
    Careful with the live rock... I used to work for a place that had a big fish tank, and suddenly fish started dying with little pieces of them floating around, then the lights went out. Turns out that one of the live rocks had a crustacean of some kind in it that got big enough to prey on the fish at night. The lights went out because when the thing buried itself in the sand under its rock, it cut the power cable to the lights.

    Expensive lesson, they went through a lot of fish...

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