My beloved Jeep Cherokee is no more. Totaled.

This is a discussion on My beloved Jeep Cherokee is no more. Totaled. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; For the last 4 months my daughter has been driving my Cherokee to school and back. No problems. Tonight, she was on her way back ...

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Thread: My beloved Jeep Cherokee is no more. Totaled.

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    My beloved Jeep Cherokee is no more. Totaled.

    For the last 4 months my daughter has been driving my Cherokee to school and back. No problems. Tonight, she was on her way back from the school after the football game (she's in the band) and a woman fell asleep at the wheel, crossed the center line, completely in my daughters lane. She reacted very well, she swerved and actually mostly left the road to try to avoid her but the other car hit the Cherokee about half way down the drivers door. (2 door XJ) It really tore hell out of her from there back.

    She called me and my wife and we went to the scene. The cops were already there. When I pulled up I knew right away that my Cherokee was totaled. I could see that the rear axle was torn out and the drive shaft was on the ground. There was a big puddle of oil under her. And the body was torn up from the drivers door all the way to the rear.

    She was a 1994, 2 door, 2.5L 4 banger, manual transmission, no power anything other than steering with over 230K miles on her. Blue Book value, even with the mods I had done was just over $1,000. I know there's at least $3K worth of damage there. She's gone.

    But my daughter is fine. Not a scratch. I attribute this to her good reactions and the fact that the Jeep did its job. It protected my daughter. Heavier gauge metal than you'll get on a car now a days, built like a little tank. It took a hell of a hit and while totaled, my daughter isn't hurt at all. The car that hit her, a 2009 KIA Sportage looked like it had been hit my a train in the front end. Pieces of plastic and fiberglass all over the road, aluminum can thickness sheet metal all tore to hell. I'm sure it isn't totaled but it's going to cost a lot to repair.

    So, now the insurance BS starts and so does the search for a replacement XJ. The next one will be 4 wheel drive. I'd really like to stick with the 2 door, I like that best. But we'll see what I end up with.

    It sucks not having a Cherokee anymore. I had that Cherokee since 1994. I bought it right off the lot brand new. All but maybe 500 of the 238,864 miles on her were put on with my butt in the drivers seat.

    Just so happy my daughter is OK. And honestly, I'm not nearly as upset as I thought I would have been. In retrospect, I am thankful that the Cherokee (Named Pathkiller by the way for a Cherokee Indiana Chief) went out protecting my daughter rather than just breaking down and having to decide it wasn't worth fixing.
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    I'm glad you daughter is unhurt. You are absolutely right in that it most likely saved her from serious injury, or worse. As you say, it did its job.

    Now you move forward. Good luck with your search.
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    Glad your daughter is okay,the other driver is lucky she didn't kill either one by trying to push driving while falling asleep,statistics say a tired driver is just as bad if not worse than a drunk driver
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    Glad your daughter is ok. She sounds very fortunate to be able to walk away from that one, let alone without a scratch. Glad she was paying attention and reacted well.

    Besides that, IMO, who cares about the car. Its replaceable, literally - you could search and buy the exact same vehicle. A life is not.
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    Glad your daughter is okay. The Cherokee went down honorably.
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    Hate to hear when a good friend buys the farm.
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    Glad she is okay. Sorry about the Jeep.
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    It has been said, material things can be replaced, living things can't. Thank God your daughter was in a hunk of good old American-made (hopefully) metal that probably saved her from serious injury or death.

    I know it's sad to see an "old friend" go down, but like it says somewhere in the Scripture, "No greater thing exists than if someone lays down their life for others" or something like that. Your Jeep made the ultimate sacrifice.

    It can be replaced, but won't ever be the same. I hope your daughter keeps doing what she has been taught, seems like her reaction and what else she did kept her alive.
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    Glad your daughter's okay. Glad the car did it's job. The ultimate insurance, on the road: 3500 lbs of steel wrapped around you.

    Had a Subaru give up the ghost for me, years ago. The lead sled that nailed me didn't have a nick or paint chip. But on mine there was ~3ft of front end missing and a front axle whacked down to nothing. Never felt a thing, aside from the car changing direction around me. Amazing what a well-designed car can deal with, crash-wise.
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    Glad your daughter is ok, had a 1998 Grand Cherokee protect me when an S-10 crossed the median and I hit it. Sad thing was I had only had the Jeep 3 months.
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    Sorry to hear about the Jeep but glad your daughter is ok. The Jeep did what it was designed to do - protect your daughter.
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    So glad the daughter was unharmed. As for the Jeep, I've owned two of them and both robbed my banks accounts. No more!
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    Glad your daughter is o.k. A head on probably would have injured.
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    I am so glad your daughter is fine! Watch out for later aches and pains (neck, ribs, back, etc.)......but all in all...........WOW. You are to be congratulated for your attitude too. Very good. Teenage drivers need "Detroit Steel". Glad all ended well.
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    Sorry to hear about the Jeep but I'm so glad your baby is Ok. I can't imagine getting that phone call and keeping my wits about me. Tori will turn 16 the end of this year and I'm very worried about her being on the roads with the maniacs we have in Atlanta. Heck I worry about me and I've been driving for 40+ years.

    Since the other driver was at fault, try to not let the other insurance company fail to make you whole.
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