What's your strategy with telemarketers?

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Thread: What's your strategy with telemarketers?

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    What's your strategy with telemarketers?

    Here are some "traditional" things I've done:

    1. I've been on the state and national do-not-call-lists for years, and I update it when it expires (it does expire). It seemed to work for a while, but I think do-not-call is failing, there doesn't seem to be any agency willing to actively pursue or fine them. They still call

    2. I've asked the telemarketers to put me on their no-call list when they do call. They still call.

    3. I've bought a Tele-Zapper. Apparently it's not effective. They still call.

    4. I guess I could disconnect the phone, or don't answer caller ID's that I don't recognize?

    To actually stop them from calling, I'd think that a telemarketer would have to make some effort to take you off of their list. They can easily say they will, but how do you know it would get done? If you make them mad in the process I can see them telling you they'll take you off, but actually being vindictive and leaving you on their call list.

    I've read about asking them about their underclothes, or blowing an air horn in the phone, and some of that stuff may even be illegal? However, the strategy I've been using is to waste their time. Tell them just a minute, or I'll be right back, or hold on someone's at the door.

    One of the worst is the "reduce your credit card rate", I understand these folks are tricky and use high-tech methods from being caught. They start out with a recorded message, and if interested you press 1 for a live operator, the live operator quickly ask you how much credit card debt you have and how much credit limit do you have. I told him to hang on that I had to go pull a file. I set the phone down and finished eating my hamburger (my wife was about to die), later I picked up the phone and said "Hello" and responded that I had just looked them up on the internet and it said they were a scam (which they are). He said, "it's not true", and hung up on me. It's a funny thing he didn't hang around to defend his company? They haven't called back, I'm curious to see if they do. I believe they essentially want your credit card number so they can sell it.

    Unsolicited telemarketing has to be a tough job, I feel sorry for some of those folks, they are trying to earn a living. However, the fact remains, I'm on the do-not-call list, if the company they work for doesn't check the list, or ignores it, then they're putting their employees in a position of wasting their time and effort. There is a reason I'm on that list and it means I don't want an unsolicited phone call from them, especially if they've ignored the do-not-call list.

    On a lighter side have ya'll heard the Tom Mabe bit where he made the telemarketer think he'd called a murder scene? Too funny.

    Any ideas, experiences, or stories?
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    The Main reason i have a don't have a home phone. i have been lucky so far that they do not have my cell phone number.

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    Do you have a young child in your household??? By young I mean 3-6 yrs old?? If so, tell them its Santa Claus and hand them the phone... you'll be pleasantly surprised. :)
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    I always liked the "Seinfeld" episode where Jerry gets a telemarketer and asks them, "Can I have your home phone number so I can call you back?" And then says, "Oh, you don't want people calling you at home? Now you know how I feel" and hangs up.
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    The worst are the politicians who created the do not call list in the first place. With all the people the forbade to call, they exempted themselves.

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    Ask them if they can clean up blood. Lots of blood. Off of ceilings, and walls, and in the carpet. And brain matter too. And how soon, like tonight...........and if they will take cash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ppkheat View Post
    Any ideas, experiences, or stories?
    I just hang up.
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    I have a Trac Phone and have gotten a few automated calls on it. Trouble is that when I answer thinking it is a friend it costs me time off my account.


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    Phone number comes up on our tv. If we don't know it we don't answer it. Only 4 people have our home phone number.
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    I haggle with them. See if I can get some deals like some trips to some exotic place or something like that. Whatever I come up with. Normally they try to conveince me that they can't do that and after awhile they hang up.

    It must work because I don't get calls very often.
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    We no longer have a land line and that does help.

    My rule of thumb is if I don't recognize the number on caller id, I don't answer. If they leave a message and it's someone I should have spoken to, I'll call right back. Otherwise, no hassle. The other night I got a political text for the first time and that got me steamed. I don't care if I'm for or against the party - I didn't give out my number, don't call or text me about politics!

    For awhile, before I stopped answering 800, 877 or "unknown" calls I was getting A LOT of calls for some guy named John who was apparently not paying his bills and used to have my number. I'd tell them take me off the list, he no longer had the number - demand they give me an address so I could put my request in writing, kept a log of date and times and person who called. It never made a difference, even if the collection calls stopped for awhile - they'd sell the account and it would start all over again. I even did a web search for the guy's current number and told someone on the phone, lol. Finally I just used my caller ID and stopped answering. My blood pressure was much better for it.

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    They can be really rude. Prior to returning to school to be a FT student, I was working as management at a BRAND NEW parts store. It was part of a national chain, but VERY new to the entire area. TONS of calls.

    If I wasn't busy and it was a recording, I would press the button to talk to someone (if there was no option for "Do not call list press xxx) and most of the time I would ask "can you not call please?) and just get a hang-up.

    I have heard neat stories of people trying to sell the telemarketers items, speaking in foreign languages, yelling, putting them on hold until they hang up, or (one of my favorites) talking to them for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE while not buying a single thing and then when the agent gets irritated and trys to get a commitment saying "Not interested" and hanging up. I don't have that kind of time.

    What boggles my mind is the guys who DO keep calling if you tell them not to. Isn't their objective to sell their product/services and make money? If you don't want them calling, do they REALLY think you are going to buy something!?

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    When they call I break in and ask if they know God, do they know Jesus died for their sins? Then I begin to spread the word. They generally hang up lol.
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    Luckily with our home phone we have the option of blocking up to 10 numbers or we can chose to only allow up to 10 numbers. We just added the few people we want to call us in our home phone (everybody else gets a prerecorded message saying we aren't accepting calls) and call it a day. No more telemarketers yay! Anybody else just calls our cell if they need us badly.

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    Don't have a land line. Everyone on my cell contact list has their own ringer. Everything else plays the" Monty Python Spam Song". I don't answer it.

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