off topic -Reloading- favorite loads

off topic -Reloading- favorite loads

This is a discussion on off topic -Reloading- favorite loads within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; As Bud mentions later - while we all probably use safe loads, typo's happen - guns are different. So please do NOT regard any loads ...

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Thread: off topic -Reloading- favorite loads

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    off topic -Reloading- favorite loads

    As Bud mentions later - while we all probably use safe loads, typo's happen - guns are different. So please do NOT regard any loads any of us publish as being by default, safe. Remember to check loading manuals and work up to max from 10% under in most cases. Chris
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    Hi all! Just wondered of those of you who reload, what calibers do you reload?
    what is your favorite caliber to reload? Why?

    What are your "pet loads" (please, lets keep this thread open and only list loads within maximum)?

    I'll start. I reload .30-06 springfield, .38 special and .357 magnum.

    My pet load for .30-06 is 150 gr Remington Core-Lokt / 46 gr IMR 4064 with Winchester WLR primers. <--- $6.00 for 20 Rounds!

    My pet load for .357 Magnum is 158 grain winchester JHP / 6.3 gr Green Dot with Winchester WSPM primers.
    Still working on the .38 special...
    My favorite to reload is the .357; Just because I use so much and by reloading, I can make a box of 50 for about $7.
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    Just getting restarted after many years away from it. Used to reload several rifle calibers back in the 70's. Now it will be .45 ACP and .38 Spcl.

    Just got in my Winchester 231 and 230 Gr LRN Laser Cast bullets. Many reloaders I know seem to like 5 Gr of 231 for those so I'll start at 4.8 and work up from there. Winchester primers are here as well.

    .38 is still waitin' for dies right now but will probably be loading SWC's for it.
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    Everyone one needs to put in a little disclaimer about how this load is safe in my gun etc etc but might not be in yours and that the forums is not responsible for you use of these loads which might be safe or not.. for this thread to continue

    And always double check you data .. I prefer not to post my loads and watch out for chris's barnburners

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    Hi all! Just wondered of those of you who reload, what calibers do you reload?
    what is your favorite caliber to reload? Why?
    6.5 Swiss
    7.5 Swiss

    .45 ACP is prabably what I reload the most, just because it is what I shoot the most.
    50 BMG would be second....theres just something about dumping 215 grains of powder in a case and laoding a 750 grain bullet in it that I like...
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    No time to cover everything for now but - fave cal to reload is I think the 45-70

    Some of my faves -

    .357 mag - just under a max - 14 grns Vit N-110 pushing 158 Lyman gas check SWC

    Good ol target 38 - 158 Lyman SWC over 2.8 Bullseye.

    A hibrid snappy 38 +P+ - 158 Lyman gas check SWC over 8.5 grns Blue Dot, in a 38 case! Only use in 357 mag proved guns.

    .223 - std 55 FMJ over 24.8 grns of Vit N-133

    .243 - 105 heavy Speer JSP Spitzers, over 33.9 grns Vit N-140.

    45-70, for BFR - 405 Lasercast SWC over 41.5 grns Reloader 7.
    45-70 for Ruger #1 - 405 Lasercast SWC over 52 grns 3031!

    I'll add more later when I have gotten to look up some past loads.
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