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Thread: Saving kids from public school

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    The best thing you can do for your child is teach them how to think. We send our son to a very good private religious school here and they don't teach them to think beyond the surface of a question or subject or challenge them to do so. I know this makes it easier for the teachers and administrators, but the kids seem to lack any curiousity.

    Although the public schools are a mess, the private schools still have problems. Science classes are all about "life sciences", no physical sciences until 8th grade. Too much focus on projects, not on learning the basics in the subject. Mandatory community work to teach them the value of volunteering (?!?!?). Kids with learning disabilities still don't get the attention or help they need, even when required by law. School bullies are known by all the teachers and administrators, yet nothing is done about them, until a fight breaks out, then the "zero tolerance for violence" policy is trotted out to punish the innocent. So out of necessity we are now teaching our son about working the system to get people to do the right thing (or at least their jobs). And paying twice for the pleasure (taxes and private school tuition).

    I know public schools have all the above problems and more, just don't believe that private schools are the complete answer, like I used to think they were.

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    Picked my current residence based on the school system . I went to school here from 4th grade to 9th and was very happy and learned quite a bit . When I had to move to the city I was placed in the school there and failed to even make it through the 10th grade . The reason was simple , what they were trying to teach me in 10th , I had already been taught in 7th & 8th grades . Aced all the tests , but never did the homework , so they were failing me . The school in the city was on the cusp of becoming an "everyones a winner / feelings" type school .

    After the birth of my daughter the wife and I decided to move back to where my old school is . The advantages are that the class sizes are very small (max 17-20 students per class) , they WILL go beyond the textbooks to teach , they work alot one on one with students either because they are behind or because they are advanced . I'm really gonna need what this school can do for my daughter since , at 3 years old , she is already starting to read and is already up to par with the kindergardeners that she is with during the day .

    key to a good school? Small , doesn't rely on state funding (takes it but can get by without) , small class sizes , and curriculum that isn't set in stone . That said , nothing can replace parent involvement .

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    I talked to my boys and when they were told something bogus I would show them via local library or books I had what the real info was.
    I think they turned out alright in spite of Public Education.
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    Homeschool or regrets for the rest of your life

    I read through the replies this morning and see that some here are already drinking the public school kool-aid. Keeping on top of what is going on in the classroom is the biggest glass of grape I have ever seen. Do you not realize that teachers have been known to tell the kids that some things are to be kept secret? One of the biggest offenders of this locally was the DARE program ran by the local yokels.

    We have five children, ages 32 to 15. Their levels of success run from being a hospital executive (graduated from the local community college), to a department manager at Lowe’s (attends night school at the community college) to an editor for a major book publisher (graduated with a 4.0 from Georgetown College "NOT university" and from the University of Cincinnati graduate school with a 3.95 GPA). That is just the oldest three. The two youngest are still at home, one has graduated from our home school academy and is now teaching dance at a local dance studio (ballet, tap, and Celtic). The youngest is a junior and is more involved in our local church activities than any of the rest were. She teaches a 4 YO Sunday school class and on Wednesday nights she and one other person have all the 3 and 4 YO in a class.

    In case you are wondering about college. The community college has several Christian teachers and we were careful to keep the kids in their classes. Georgetown College is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. When she was ready for graduate school, she was in an apartment, would go to class and could leave the BS there on the campus. She is now leading a Bible study at a church in Cincinnati and is involved in some local programs sponsored by the church for inner city kids.

    Did I tell you that these three all have CCW permits as does my son-in-law and of course my wife and yours truly. The younger two will have theirs as soon as BD #21 rolls around.
    US Army retired (1969 - 1994)
    Vietnam 1970 - 1971

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