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I'm thinking of picking up hunting

This is a discussion on I'm thinking of picking up hunting within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Believe it or not squirrel is good eating. I won't hunt them because there's so little meat that I can't justify depriving them of their ...

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Thread: I'm thinking of picking up hunting

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    Believe it or not squirrel is good eating. I won't hunt them because there's so little meat that I can't justify depriving them of their lives for a bite or two off their back legs. The most enjoyable hunting I've ever done is upland game: grouse, pheasants or woodcock. The weather is warm, the colors outstanding, challenging shooting and a tasty bounty at the end (sometimes). Some folks save the tail feathers and make displays or tie flys for fishing during the cold winter months.
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    I've eaten a lot of squirrel but after awhile, Spam starts tasting better than normal. Coyotes=223 IMO. That gives me a reason to get it in the field. I won't dishonor my Weatherby by intentionally going after coyotes with it. And don't put any part of a yote in your mouth. Feed it to the buzzards and then eat the buzzards.
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    Coyotes aren't tough per say--a .22 LR can do the job--but I'd suggest something at least in the "varmit" class to dispatch them. I've popped a couple with 130 Grn HPs out of an -06, but that was overkill. Definitely NOT what you want to use if you want the hide as there will be little left. My .223, on the other hand, drops them in their tracks with no problem.

    I avoid touching them as they are known rabies carriers, among other nasty things. My little hunting group considered butchering a coyote once and feeding it to a nuisance coworker, but finally talked ourselves out of it.

    Squirrels were always too much trouble to clean for the amount of meat obtained. A pain in the butt to get the hair off. I trapped 6 of them last week and released them miles away aftyer they chewed up the eaves on my house. Long-tailed rats is all they are.
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    Squirrel are excellent eating and are usually considered game animals.

    Coyotes are basically garbage. The hides might be worth something if you know how to skin and prepare them. If not, I'd leave them lay. Check with your D.N.R. on hunting requirements and licenses.
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    Coyotes are interesting. On my property there is a long gun rule. No centerfire long guns ( rifles) You can use shot gun, pistol or rim fire. I chose the 22LR mag. in a Winchester lever. Seems they are plus 200 yards away. Thats a tough shot for a 22lr mag. I don't bait them and I have a tough time with the caller. Up side is Coyote season is year round and you can shoot them 24 hours a day. Just can't go shine them.
    When we shot them on my property we let it lay and goes back to nature. I don't know anybody who eats them. Rabbits are good eating.

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    Squirrels are good in stew as are rabbits. On yotes, I use a 6mm Rem and 80 grain boat tail soft points. No need of a licence to hunt them and jack rabbits here in Utah. If I had a place to hang and cure the hides I'd skin the coyotes but I just leave them where they fall.
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    Nope, not going to eat one. Not sure if it is still in force, but when I lived in Oklahoma, there was a bounty on them. No idea if NH has a bounty on them or not.
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    The county has a bounty on them here. They pay for up to so many per year per hunter.

    Myself, I won't hunt what I won't eat.

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