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Very nearly died the other day - motorcycle wreck

This is a discussion on Very nearly died the other day - motorcycle wreck within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Glad you're ok! Reminds me of when I first started riding, I came up to a small blind hill and decided to ride in the ...

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Thread: Very nearly died the other day - motorcycle wreck

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    Glad you're ok! Reminds me of when I first started riding, I came up to a small blind hill and decided to ride in the center of the lane rather than in the left hand portion like I would normally and sure enough a small car straddling the yellow line for god-knows-why nearly slammed into me. Missed me by only about a foot. Didn't have to change my pants but man it freaked me out.

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    Glad you're alright ... but a crotch rocket?

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    Man..look at the can! You can put a flapper on top now like a John Deere

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    Really glad your ok, you were very close to things bein a whole lot worse.

    I've completely given up any desire to ride a motorcycle anymore because of stories like this. No way I could ever imagine being on the road with all these idiots on just a bike.
    The stupidity of some people NEVER ceases to amaze me.

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    ... file this one under "S" for "Scares me and I'm fearless!"
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    That's a close shave!

    Glad to hear you're OK.

    Keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel...and they will still try to kill you every day. Soccer moms on cell phones are the scourge of the roadways.

    I commute 50mi. round trip daily on a bike and have at least 3 NDEs(Near Death Experience) a week. I get cut off and pushed out of my lane almost daily. One time a deer tried to T-Bone me and took my right rear indicator and license plate with her.

    It's a rough world and we're(bikers) all targets.
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    Glad you have relatively minor injuries considering what could have happened. Hope that idiot driver enjoys her stay at the gray bar. Her story holds no water because what reasonable person, with nothing to hide, wouldn't stop after hitting something, even if they though it was a pole or other inanimate object, just to survey the damage and make sure the car was still safe.
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    Glad you are going to be Ok.
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    Glad your OK. The least she could have done was used a believable a deer darting across the road. It's about that time of year in IN.
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    Wow, glad you're here to talk about it. However, there's a lot of guys in Japan that would pay good money for an exhaust that looks like that . I think your choice of bike was an intelligent one - I used to have a Honda HawkGT - along with the decision to ride in full, armored riding gear. Here's a plug for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation classes, if you haven't taken one yet. Riders can't rely just on the standard defensive driving techniques, I installed headlight and turnsignal/breaklight modulators on my bike and wore a riding suit with 3M retroreflective stripe on the back and saw a marked decrease in close calls and people violating my right of way. Even had a guy "complain" (with a grin on his face) that when he pulled into the parking lot I was walking in with his brights on, he was blinded from his own lights from quite a distance away.

    Heal quick and don't settle until you know the complete extent of your injuries and lasting aches and pains.
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    Glad you are ok. Sucks about your ride, but better it than you getting totaled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RAC55 View Post
    If she fled from the scene of the wreck, I would hire the best lawyer I can find and sue the bejeezus out of her. There are too many of these idiots these days that just take off without owing up to their screw ups. I ride motorcycle also, and I keep my head on a swivel for these clowns. I hate to say it, but the worst menaces are the soccer moms on their cell phones. Just glad that you came out of it without too much damage, and hopefully you will be back on the road again soon!
    agreed... I'm not one to usually screem lawsuit but this needs to be very very painful for her.

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    Erick, glad you came out of that encounter with only minor injuries. Good going on wearing full riding gear! Sounds like you may need to add riding boots--I wear mine everyday on my commute and then switch to shoes I keep at work. Keep working on those defensive riding skills: Always watch your mirrors when stopped and expect people to turn left in front of you while moving. And I agree with others--watch out for soccer moms on their cell phones! That SV650 is a really nice machine--hope you can get it fixed up like new and maybe even paid for out of these ordeal. Heal quickly and then ride safely and ride a lot!

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    Hope your foot feels better!

    we just lost our 56 year old brother to a motorcycle accident in Mesa AZ. A guy in a Mercedes turned left in front of him. He was killed instantly on his BMW. Had a helmit on but his neck was broken.

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    Glad your okay, and I hope that her insurance pays for your bike.

    This just reminds me, "All of you motorcycle riders, please fill out your organ donor cards" Not to be morbid, just realistic
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