Farm life update.

Farm life update.

This is a discussion on Farm life update. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Things are going well on atctimmy farm. My two oldest (of three) are adjusting well to a new school. The wife and I are enjoying ...

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Thread: Farm life update.

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    Farm life update.

    Things are going well on atctimmy farm. My two oldest (of three) are adjusting well to a new school. The wife and I are enjoying one on one time with our youngest during the days. He's such a ham.

    Fall is here and nature is showing her beauty.

    Deer season has begun and I've spent a couple pleasant evenings in the woods enjoying the peace and quiet. No deer yet but it's fun learning their patterns.

    Lastly, I popped another groundhog today. It's the first one I've seen in months and he fell to the CZ .22. <- Such fun!

    Almost all of my big summer projects are completed and I can feel a chill in the air. I love fall and I love my new farm. God sure does give great gifts!

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    Sounds great enjoy!

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    Good times.
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    My buddy was following a tractor down a road today and said the tractor suddenly veered right and the driver jumped off as it went into the ditch. Loose drag link end dropped off the pitman arm. No injuries and he got a ride home. Check all your equipment before its too cold/wet to work on them.
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    Timmy, I am incredibly envious! I grew up in a rural area where cornfields, spring-fed pools, cornfields, deer and pheasant were common, and your running commentary brings back many fond memories. You've given your kids an awesome gift, which they probably won't fully appreciate until they're grown. Happy to hear you have time to get out and take care of the pests and keep an eye out for meat on the table!
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    Got a few warm weather items to get done .... before I call it good.
    We need rain ... rain ... and rain. Ponds, creeks and rivers have been drying up badly. The River Walk in the larger nearby city, started being called the "mud walk", and now ... it can't even be called that.
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    Next thing you know, you'll be growing something! When's the reunion?
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    Sounds like you need a good recipe for groundhog. Good luck on the deer too. I've gotten 2 this season so far with a bow.
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    So do you have enough groundhogs saved up for a big pot of groundhog stew?
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    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    Things are going well on atctimmy farm.
    If you're a photo hound, I'm sure some pics of the autumn beauty would be well received, here.

    Sounds like a wonderful spot, from your descriptions. Enjoy the country life.
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    Yeah, I'm busy stacking fire wood and I've been watching the deer change up their patterns a bit. I think it'll be a bumper crop for hickory nuts. They're falling on the tin roof over the shed row. I can hear them hit at a quarter mile off. The ticks and chiggers are still around so watch out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chiefjason View Post
    Sounds like you need a good recipe for groundhog. Good luck on the deer too. I've gotten 2 this season so far with a bow.
    It only takes one Ohio woodchuck per pot. We grow 'em big around these parts.

    Glad to hear that you are enjoying the "simple" life Timmy. It may be the hardest and most satisfying thing that you've ever done!
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    Good for you, I'm envious as well.
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    Nice to hear this Timmy. I think it does take a bit of time to adjust to new surroundings, have done that a few times myself, but never on a farm property.

    Groundhogs will be seen a lot this time, most of them are eating as much as they can to fatten up for their winter hibernation. I see them all over the place here in WV. That exposure however makes them easy targets for hunters.

    Not sure about the post of "Groundhog" stew, but if a man is hungry enough, he'd indulge.

    Thanks for the updates, they are interesting and welcome as a good read.
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    I LOVE living on the farm!
    Went back to college (at age 40+) for 3 years and then worked in the "city" for a year. Worst 4 years of my life! Decided my sanity was worth more than the job and moved back to the farm.
    Glad to hear you are enjoying your new "farm life". :~}

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