For Super Quantum Brains ONLY!

For Super Quantum Brains ONLY!

This is a discussion on For Super Quantum Brains ONLY! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Stuart Hameroff This bloke was on the radio last night for 3 hours. Truthfully, some of it flew way over my head and a lot ...

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Thread: For Super Quantum Brains ONLY!

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    Question For Super Quantum Brains ONLY!

    Stuart Hameroff

    This bloke was on the radio last night for 3 hours.
    Truthfully, some of it flew way over my head and a lot of it was somewhat beyond my personal comprehension level.

    I thought it was incredibly interesting though since I did have a true "Out Of Body" experience (NOT Drug Induced ) when I was younger but, I never dared "go there" again.
    I've always wanted to understand just what exactly happened with that since it was such a Mind~Bending freak of a thing that happened to me.

    It's captivating reading though now that I can take my time and "plow" through it at my on pace.
    Some of the provided links to other articles are amazing interesting. I'm not sure how much of it I'm willing to bite on though. I don't think I'm quite smart enough to know what to bite on & what not to bite on. That's for sure.

    Mapping/Understanding/ The Human Soul & Subconscious Mind & our human Awareness/Precognitive Ability The Quantum Mind.

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    Pretty substantial stuff QK!!!!

    I had just one out-of-body experience but it was I fear alcohol induced - none the less real tho.

    Student days, end of, 1967 - had graduated and was at this mega celebration party. Rum & Coke had perfused my system to excess so was somewhat light-headed (hah - I am the master of understatement ) - but hey - I was on my feet and dancing (well - boppin!).

    At some point I was aware that I was looking down from ceiling at self and partner - and thinking with total sobriety - ''shucks man - you are well plastered!". Lasted a few seconds only but vivid as all get out.
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    I'm Amazed...

    at man's ability to weave retoric and bull**** into a more complicated idea than the very simple idea of 'one Creator' who is responsible for all...
    We do not have the capacity to understand...keep trying, foolish men! Your time could be better spent putting a 'camel through the eye of a needle'.

    Stay still need to carry a gun to separate the universe from reality...welcome back!

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    Read this book a few years back called "Beyond Death's Door" I forget the authors name but it was written by a Surgeon that was an agnostic. He goes into great detail on NDE's and his interviews with people that have been there N done that.
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    My Opinion

    I don't think that making an attempt to understand the incredible nuances of the human brain on a sub atomic level in any way denies the existence of God or a supreme being as the creator.
    If anything it's all the more fantastic and (of course) we'll never figure out how the universe just created itself from nothing.
    And like everything else nobody yet knows where it all will lead.
    Possibly to a breakthrough cure for mental illness, brain cancer, or Alzheimer's.
    Also...if you believe in God then you must believe that he intended for us to use our wonderful gift of intelligence to its maximum potential.
    If there truly is a Grand Design then wouldn't this be an evolving part of it?
    For sure God did not intend for us to only get only so advanced & then just stop and quit wondering about everything.

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    I read an article several years ago about the founders of the majority of the different disciplines of science and engineering. Over 80% of the founders of these fields were christians dedicated to trying to understand how God's creation worked. The problems occur when they try to prove why their endeavor proves that God dosn't exist. At least in my book...
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