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Thread: New here

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    New here

    Hi I figured I would introduce myself, I'm UP4NONE it doesn't actually mean anything it's just some nonsense I made up for a youtube username. I just recently turned 21 and I hope to start carrying soon but I want to take a class first. Hopefully I can learn from this forum and get some good advice. Well thats all I can think to say.

    Edit: just saw the new members forum, sorry about that

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    Welcome from Fort Worth, Texas.
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    Welcome aboard.
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    Hello Sir. I will now give you all the advice you will ever need.....Go with Glock!!!

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    Hello UpForNone, and welcome from Missouri to this great forum - good people and LOTS of info here. Be sure to check out You Tube videos by Massad Ayoob - about the best info on self defense and use of lethal force that you can view for free. PM me if you want some URLs, or you can just Google it.
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    Most folks who "start carrying" would be wise to "take a class first". Yes, there are OC states where that's not legally mandated, but prudence would suggest it's a good idea. Welcome to the forum, there are LOTS of smart people here. And then there's folks Give special weight to the advice of old ones. You don't get old being stupid. The dumb ones die-off. Again, welcome.
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    Welcome UP4NONE. I think I can still remember being 21. Been a while. Good you interested in getting some knowledge before you begin to carry. Read everything here, and everything else you can borrow or buy about CCW. Best wishes from the great state of Texas.

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    Hello and welcome from Virginia. First taking one class is a good idea as long as it is with a competent instructor. The life style of the armed citizen nearly demands that a responsible gunowner take as many competent classes as they can. In lieu of this (I know it can be expensive) gathering viable information from forums like this can be very beneficial. One piece of advice, don't be afraid to ask questions. There are a few experts here in certain aspects of the gunworld and you will soon learn who some of these fine folks are. Then you will find others who while are not experts are quite knowledgeable in their fields. You will also find the folks here are quite friendly. If you can think of a question just ask. Believe it or not there is probably someone else who has the same question and is afraid to ask. They may think they will be looked at as being stupid. Absolutely not. The experts I referred to earlier asked questions or they tried their idea and learned from the results (some succeeded, some erred). Learning from someone else can save money and maybe even some pain.

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    Welcome from So Cal!

    DO NOT listen go actimmy! That is a slippery slope and you dont want to go there :)

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    Welcome from Michigan!
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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