Underdogs Presented By Powerade

I would like to ask everyone to take a few moments and watch this from Sports Illustrated. It is about a Football Team from Fort Campbell Ky. A team that is a family in more ways than most will ever imagine. The majority have now or in the near future a parent deployed to combat. Yes, I have a reason for asking everyone to watch this. I attended our 40th Class Reunion last weekend at Fort Campbell High School, met some of these kids. Words can not describe the emotions and feelings they inspired in us. Though we have been gone a long time and several wars/ conflicts have passed, we connected. You see we all lost our fathers to deployment, pretty much at the same time in 1965 when the 101st deployed as an entire division. We remembered a lot of things we had forgotten over the years as we talked to these kids. A lot of people probably have never thought of this aspect of the War in Iraq and Afghanistan, as we found we had not in years. We had been there and done that and got the T Shirt, yet forgotten. Think about these young people a moment, watch the story. If you feel it in your heart vote for them, help them get a Grant for their program and even a trip to New York. Every student at FCHS, not just the Ball Players, every one of them live a life like no other High School Student. Imagine every time you a hear a news report and have to wait. It is always someone you knew.