We have a new fuzzy family member

We have a new fuzzy family member

This is a discussion on We have a new fuzzy family member within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; We have been without a dog for too long (several years). There have been a couple heartbreaks that for one reason or another didn't work ...

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Thread: We have a new fuzzy family member

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    We have a new fuzzy family member

    We have been without a dog for too long (several years). There have been a couple heartbreaks that for one reason or another didn't work out. My daughter got the bug again a few months ago and started reading about dogs and searching ads online. One thing she found was that just about the most popular name for dogs these days is Bailey, male or female. When we went to meet the dog I asked my daughter “what is her name”? She said “I forgot to ask, I hope it isn’t something popular like Bailey, everybody names their dog Bailey”.

    The owners have 2 boys, 2 other dogs and 2 cats, the Dad has a long commute, the Mom has gone back to work and there just wasn’t any time to properly spend on a puppy. The dog is twice saved. She was part of a litter that the breeder was going to have put down because of ring worms and this couple grabbed her and said “we’ll take this one”. Then she just got to be too much for them with mom going back to work so they placed an ad in Craig’s List. My daughter asked me to go with her to check it out so we all piled in the mini-van and went for a little ride. During our conversation with the owners I asked what is her name? The wife said “Bailey”. I looked at my daughter and laughed out loud.

    She is a 76 lb female Black Lab, 1½ years old and spayed. It’s a match, everybody is in love with everybody! She plays with the kids well but she stays glued to my daughter’s side. When she barks the volume fills the room and I’m glad to add a layer of protection for my daughter and the kids.

    Where does a 76 lb dog lay down?...
    Bailey, in her perceived rightful place. Daughter says she now “NEEDS” a king size bed! As you can see, Bailey is adjusting well.
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    Nice addition. She looks great!
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    Pretty dog. Congrats.
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    She looks like she fits right in. Congrats!

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    That is going to be a great companion. Glad she found her final home.
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    Ha! Looks a lot like our Priscilla, crowding the bed... so cute! Nice choice!
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    She's a really cute dog and looks like a ton of personality!
    I see she's just one of the gang on the bed now!
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    Re: We have a new fuzzy family member

    Very good decision, congrats.

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    She's beautiful. Glad you have a new furry family member- they're always the best ones (partly because you CAN choose them).

    Glad to hear everything is going smoothly.
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    Congratulations, she is a real beauty.
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    Oh you made me cry a little. What a wonderful addition.

    Here is my wonderful Pepper and my children. OH, and Winkie the killer cat. I was lucky enough to have this beautiful dog for almost 13 years.


    In the wonderful den we hadn't remolded yet lol. Hey got the house cheap can't complain.
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    She looks like she's fitting right in. She'll make a place in your hearts. She'll be your dog.

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    My "Hair Missile" is a Yellow lab/Greyhound mix I rescued from the shelter,she seldom leaves my side,when I'm on the computer shes under my wheelchair,when I'm reloading she's under my wheelchair,watching tv lays in front of my recliner,in bed she cuddles up against me.
    A little over 2 years ago I had to put my 13 yr old Chocolate lab lucky down,she was a sweetheart and we hunted many years together until I was disabled.Labs tend to be great family dogs,looks like you have a winner
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    Re: We have a new fuzzy family member

    Can't really go wrong with a lab or pit (or mix of both).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brady View Post
    Where does a 76 lb dog lay down?... Bailey, in her perceived rightful place.
    From the looks of things, she seems to be settling in just fine, takin' care of business, protecting the pack. Gotta love the ones with a bit of experience under their belts.

    Enjoy the new-found friend and companion.

    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    My "Hair Missile" is a Yellow lab/Greyhound mix I rescued from the shelter,she seldom leaves my side,when I'm on the computer shes under my wheelchair,when I'm reloading she's under my wheelchair ...
    "Hair Missile" can be a good nickname for the li'l buggers. They're not exactly lint-free units. Sounds like a nice one, though. And likely strong and fast, too, what with the lab/greyhound mix. Zoooom, to the door! Zoooooom, after the squirrels! Zooo-oo-oooom, after the Frisbee.
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