Just finished my MAG-40 at Live Oak, FL! Great class and the cadre was excellence! Cannot recommend enough if you carry! The lunches were the best I've ever had at a training session!

We when thru all the places to disable the BGs, but no one ask about Zombies. So Mas took time at the end of the class to address the issue.

He ask how would we eliminate a Zombie threat?

"All that money for the class and we're talking Zombies?"

Of course the class of 40 in unision said the head shot to the brain!

Mas - No, No, No, thats movie zombies!

Mas replied for the every day zombies we in-counter, IT MUST BE A SHOT TO THE iPHONE, iPODS, AND CELL PHONES! This completely dis-orients them and eliminates any chance of a response as they be in convulsions within 1.5 seconds of losing their link to the hive!

This greatly reduces the size of stop buttons so he recommends tightening our shot groups!