Your take on toy guns as part of a Halloween costume?

Your take on toy guns as part of a Halloween costume?

This is a discussion on Your take on toy guns as part of a Halloween costume? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Toy guns on Halloween: Costume fun or a concealed firearm? with some Your thought?...

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Thread: Your take on toy guns as part of a Halloween costume?

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    Question Your take on toy guns as part of a Halloween costume?

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    I say if they are going to get charged with a weapons charge give em real guns instead of toys...
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    I thinks it's sad that kids can't run around playing cops n'robbers, cowboys and indians, soldiers, whatever, with their toy guns. I had more than a few growing up, strangely, never owned a real one till my 5th decade.

    Just the other day I saw a whole rack of various toy guns - rifles, pistols, old styles and modern types, rubber band guns, oh and some bows and arrows - must have been 20 different types, in a touristy gift store in Keystone SD. That's the town right by Mt Rushmore.
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    Personally, I really wanted open carry here to take effect sooner than Nov. 1st as I wanted to get a real or replica Mauser C96 and go as Han Solo. For those of you who aren't in the know, Han Solo's blaster was a Mauser C96 dressed up a little.
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    For the little kids it's not an issue with me. The teens that come later might want to reconsider. Their use can be easily mistaken the wrong way.
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    As long as it is realized they are TOY firearms and not the real thing, I see no problem with it.

    But since we have had a good number of crazies out shooting people in crowded places or on certain anniversaries, it may be better to not have the little creatues carry anything that resembles a gun should some nervous person call the cops and someone gets shot, even a kid.

    The over zealous anti crowd would go wild over something like that.
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    Your take on toy guns as part of a Halloween costume?

    Wow how times have changed... I used to go as a soldier when I was growing up and I always carried toy guns (back then they looked like real guns) and even dummy hand grenades from the army surplus store, and no one gave I a second thought.

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    last year my buddy walked with his kids in a full plate vest and his real m4.....

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    It all depends on context. As part of an authentic costume, sure. For kids, I would say obviously "toy" would probably be best, but if you are old enough, why not just OC a real gun?
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    My daughter did figure skating as a youngster and went to a competition in San Jose a few years back. Now she was only 14 years old at the time. One of her favorite routines was wearing an Annie Oakley costume and skating to "You can't get a man with a Gun" sang by Ethel Merman. Everyone knows that Annie Oakley was one of the most famous sharpshooters in American History and that she traveled with the Wild Bill Hickock we bought my daughter a couple of toy six shooters with the red plastic tips and wouldn't you know that the crazy lefties would not let her do her routine in the San Jose competition using the toy pistols. Soon the crazies in this country will be banning the use of the word.

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    I support toy guns!!! Huge part of my know, back in the day when they let boys actually be boys, instead of doping them up.

    Don't think I have issue at all with the young kids dressing up like cops or cowboys sporting a toy gun. I have seen some pretty realistic costumes on adults, and I would expect them to have some tact if their costume had a realistic looking weapon.
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    I was talking to a guy here, who was walking around with his son...... in an outfit and carrying an AR ..... on his shoulder. When they stopped at my house after I had just gotten home..... I asked him only "has anyone realized yet it's real " ..... his answer was ... "you are the first" , and told me they had been out quite a while and were now headed home.

    I think most people assume it's fake and a toy.... if someone is carrying something on Halloween. I've never seen anyone have an issue with kids carrying toy guns on Halloween.
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    IMO, it's very much dependent on the community's attitudes.

    In many places, I'd not even consider wearing a toy gun these days, given the intense risk of knee-jerk MWAG and rioting over the mere fact of such thing. In other places, I'd probably not give it much thought. It'll depend heavily on my sense of the community's sense of rationality and proportion, whether children playing is seen for just that, or whether uber-liberal, knee-jerk, zero-tolerance crap masquerades as sanity.
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