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Not using social media means your crazy? DailyNews article, ridiculous!

This is a discussion on Not using social media means your crazy? DailyNews article, ridiculous! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by Hopyard I was just puzzled by the earlier statement that you wouldn't have been able to get the pic if not for ...

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Thread: Not using social media means your crazy? DailyNews article, ridiculous!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopyard View Post
    I was just puzzled by the earlier statement that you wouldn't have been able to get the pic
    if not for FB. If FB made it more convenient for your kids to send pics of the grandkids, then
    that is fine by me. No point to doing extra work and taking extra time if you don't have to.

    Since I have never tried FB, I had no idea that advantage existed.
    Like every other tool.......+ and -'s. I use it for stuff I really don't care who sees. Again, it is how folks have their privacy setting set. My neice and nephew post everything on FB! If I did not love them I would defriend them LOL. There is a program called Spotify. If you are listening to music it will post what you are listening to on FB. If you finish a book on your Kindle or other device you can have it so it posts that you finished it in FB. It is cool, useless, productive, unproductive, waste of time, time saver, about anything you want it to be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grinder View Post
    "Psychologist Christopher Moeller told the magazine that using Facebook has become a sign of having a healthy social network. Psychologists have noted that Holmes, along with several noted mass murderers, have lacked any real friends.
    And this is what the argument boils down to: It's the suspicion that not being on Facebook, which has become so normal among young adults, is a sign that you're abnormal and dysfunctional, or even dangerous, ways. "

    I think Mr. Moeller needs a psychologist...

    ^^^^^^^^^^^I think he needs a Range Bag^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    with 2-3 firearms in it, w/1-2000 rounds of ammo for the afternoon.

    E mail/cell phones I'm ok with.

    Texting and FB
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    Wow, I have found my people!!!!

    I am not big on joining sites but today I joined DC because On DC, I have found many like-minded people regarding Social Babysitting (Networking).

    I have no use for these sites (FB, Tw, etc) but I don't object to others joining the herd. If that is what they want. I do object to their pervasiveness, to the point many things can't be accessed online unless you login through one of the babysitters. I am beginning to wonder if other sites are getting kickbacks from the SB sites.

    I figure if others want to use them and be part of the herd, so be it. But don't lock me out of major websites (ABC "instant index", PBS 10 min. early preview Downton Abbey) because I don't use them! WTH

    Some on here, mentioned that those of us that don't want to use these sites must not know how to use them, or their privacy settings.
    Excuse me, but I am very computer/internet savvy. I am fully aware of settings (ROFL, I won't even get into that). It's still feels like a herd mentality to me. And I feel like I am being forced down the loading chute.

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    I was opposed to first.

    At the insistence of my oldest son I got on it and decided that I like it. I can keep contact with my friends and cousins all over the U.S...and world for that matter.

    Then my son set up a business page. At first I was opposed to that, but I went with it.

    You can not imagine the amount of business I have done with that. For a free account its been worth lots and lots of money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kapnketel View Post
    Its not just FB, its anything you put on the net. Try googling your forum name and see what comes up.
    google just points mainly here, and the other forums I've joined. Found a few other mulle46 that arent me though. But I don't put anything online that I would want or have to hide. That said, I'm not on Facebook but I'm thinking of joining it for Tough Mudder alumni.
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    I don't Facepage, Spacebook......I've never even been on their sites......This forum is about my limit. I belong to a couple other forums, but rarely if ever post. This site is the one I reply on & even after being here for 7 or 8 years, my post count is pretty low. I'm more of a lurker than a poster.

    I also find as the world is crumbling around us & the more stupidity seems to reign, that my desire to post anything is getting less & less frequent..........
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