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Lost and never found. ?

This is a discussion on Lost and never found. ? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I lost my cellphone once. I was taking care of my grandmother at the time and I always thought she took it and "put it ...

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Thread: Lost and never found. ?

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    I lost my cellphone once. I was taking care of my grandmother at the time and I always thought she took it and "put it away" somewhere. She had dementia and macular degeneration so I'd frequently see her examining things close up, then squirreling them away. She did that to my car keys once. The phone wasn't in her house when I cleaned it out so I probably accused her unjustly.
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    I lost a cell phone once back in highschool. I *swear* it was in my jeans pocket - and when mom did laundry while I was in the shower - I didn't want her to take them at all, but she insisted so I specifically told her, my keys, wallet and phone HAD to be removed.
    She claimed ignorance or something. I expected to find my phone in the washing machine. Never found it!! I don't know if I unknowingly lost it somewhere and it wasn't in the jeans when she got them, or if she put it somewhere and forgot. She bought me a refurbished replacement that I carried for about 2 more years until it got dropped once too many. Still one of the best phones I've ever had. 8 years later and the original never turned up.
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    A few years back ( like 20) I fourwheeled my chevy blazer to a remoute fishing spot, not wanting to lose my wallet I left it on the floor drivers side and locked the truck. When I came back it was gone, truck locked up??? Replace everything and one year later went back to the same spot..this time I kept my wallet. Finished fishing got in the truck and ... you guessed my wallet was on the floor with everything in it.. Still sends a little chill down my spine
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    Quote Originally Posted by IronMike View Post
    Here is a few rules to help in the search for missing items.
    1)If it's leather,the dog has chewed it up.
    2)If it shines,lights up or blinks your boy has it.
    3)If it's a tool,your brother has it.
    4)If it has sentimental value,your wife has thrown it away.
    5)If you use it often,your wife has put in the attic,way in the back.
    6)If it's delicate or electronic,your daughter has left it by the pool when it started to rain.
    7)Your favorite jeans,coat,hoodie or hat are now at the GoodWill store.
    Oh Mike, you have no idea how true your post is. I gave a shirt my husband (evidently) liked a lot to Good Will last spring when I was cleaning out the closets. He has about 30 shirts that he wears to work and I really needed to make room. So, I picked out about 6 shirts that I thought he didn't care about and put them with a bunch of other stuff to give away. The other morning he says, "have you seen that olive green shirt with the little squares? I really liked that shirt and I can't find it anywhere." G*U*L*P I haven't had the heart or nerve to tell him the truth so I keep saying...ummm...I don't know...I'm sure it will turn up sooner or later. I feel badly about giving it away.
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    If I never found it I forgot about it.

    Cheap sunglasses are awesome! Five below (if you have one) is a great place for glasses. $4-5 a pair and I don't feel bad when I break them. Just retired my last pair after about a year for a new set.
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    I lost my virginity a long time ago.

    I'm also partly responsible for why some of my girlfriends lost their's too.
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    Moving to a new location

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    I lost my patience a while back, still lookin' for it...

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    Re: Lost and never found. ?

    No wonder I always find great clothes at Goodwill. Keep up the great work, wives.

    Sent from phone
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