Village Pantry Boycott

Village Pantry Boycott

This is a discussion on Village Pantry Boycott within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This is for those in Indiana, and anyplace Marsh Supermarkets has a hold. I would suggest a boycott of Villiage Pantry. Fact: They are owned ...

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Thread: Village Pantry Boycott

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    Village Pantry Boycott

    This is for those in Indiana, and anyplace Marsh Supermarkets has a hold.

    I would suggest a boycott of Villiage Pantry.

    Fact: They are owned by the Marsh Corporation.

    Fact: They put alcohol in their gasoline. It is 10% ethanol. This is not stated on their pumps. Ethanol is a very corrosive and poisonous alcohol. It will corrode rubber seals in your engine, effectively reducing life, especially on older vehicles.

    Fact: Their employees, except for management, are not paid enough to support themselves without a second job, full time employees included.

    Fact: There are no scheculed breaks, including lunch breaks. Indiana currently has no law on this for those over 18.

    Fact: The stores I've seen are unsafe. Perhaps "someone" should call the Department of Safety?

    Fact: You can get the same item from the grocery store or a dollar store, or even Walmart, Kmart, etc, for 1/2 to 1/3 the price you will pay at a Villiage Pantry store. In fact, I've compared prices with other convenience stores locally, and Villiage Pantry is the most expensive.

    Additionally, I was allowed to see a gasoline invoice from another local store and they do not carry the ethanol blend, but straight gasoline. The retail price was the same as VP's. Ethanol burns cooler and you don't get the mileage you would from pure gasoline.

    Fact: They take advantage of YOU and your ignorance to their ways.

    Fact: The management I have dealt with will withhold pay pending your signature on any one of various items having nothing to do with your pay.

    I encourage you to boycott this, sign it as a petition, and pass it on.


    Andre ***** (I work at one)
    Rich Brewer
    John Highly
    Josh Smith
    I know Andre, folks, and have inspected these stores when I was able. One in particular has their outlets on the floor, facing upward. One was removed and the wires were left exposed. The employees must mop over this.

    I usually don't pass things like this on but I felt this one was spot on. I researched these facts before I posted this boycott, which I got via Myspace.

    Josh <><

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    so what is the big deal about Ethanol we have had that here for years gaspumps even tell ya not that you can go some place else and not get

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    Mr. White,

    Ethanol is supposed to be posted. Here, it is not.

    I know a local station that does not use an ethanol blend and only pay a penny more on the gallon. His store in the town two miles away (versus the one mile for the closest) usually carries it ten cents CHEAPER than in the county seat.

    Otherwise, I reposted here mostly because of the employee treatment and safety aspects.

    I am in school for maintenence tech and stopped going to the local Village Pantries after I started seeing violations there. At one point I was jolted by the pop machine/fountain drink machine. I thought it might be static so I touched it again. Definite strong tingling. I told the boss then sat in a booth drinking coffee, watching people get zapped for about an hour before they finally got enough complaints to put a sign up. The sign was put up by a regular employee because the boss left without doing anything, even though she felt it herself.

    I have seen exposed wiring. The light switch (!) in the bathroom was once bypassed by twisting the wires together and wrapping some adhesive tape around them. Now, I ain't an expert yet, but that practice seems a bit dangerous. Last I knew a wire nut and electrician's tape should be used for that sort of thing, with the wires hidden behind a panel.

    I now give my business to a local chain of two stores when I get gas. I asked the boss if he carried ethanol blend or pure gasoline, and he told me that it was pure gasoline, then showed me the invoice. "Ethanol Blend" was NOT checked, and it didn't seem to be a mistake.

    That guy knows how to keep loyalty.

    As I said, I pass this on only because of the employee treatment and the hazardous environment.

    I had thought about starting a boycott of them myself years back, but it wasn't on my list of priorities.

    Josh <><

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    Sounds like they have some real problems but 10% ethanol in a modern engine is no big deal. My Ford Ranger is designed to handle up to something like 65%.
    If you stand up and be counted, from time to time you may get yourself knocked down. But remember this: A man flattened by an opponent can get up again. A man flattened by conformity stays down for good. ~ Thomas J. Watson, Jr.

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    Your post basically describes every quickie mart i've ever seen.

    But i'm curious... can you post your fact checking about ethanol? I want to see it. I believe all gas has ethanol in it due to new EPA regulations (july 1, 2006 start?). Corrosive to rubber seals in your engine? What rubber seals in your engine does gas contact? None that I can think of. I do agree that your gas mileage is worse. But in a 10% mix what is the reduction? It can't be much of anything. I think changing your o2 sensor would get you better gas mileage than running gasoline without any ethanol.

    That thing sounds like a disgruntled employee rant more than legit complaints.

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    Hey, I remember in 1974 Dodge-Chrysler-Plymouth making a big deal about their cars being able to burn gas with ethanol in it. The rest of the big 4 followed suit in subsequent years. The problem with those older cars is the ethanol will dissolve the seals in the fuel system and the head gaskets.

    Ethanol blends not only lower your gas mileage, they also have a higher vaporization point, which means the car is harder to start in cold weather. Alchohol is miscible with water (readily forms a mixture) which gasoline is not, to the point it will absorb water vapor from the air, resulting in more corrosion in your fuel system and even lower gas mileage. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

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    If I ever find myself in Indiana I'll be sure to avoid these stores. Thanks for the head's up.

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