Oh No, no possum drop this year.

Oh No, no possum drop this year.

This is a discussion on Oh No, no possum drop this year. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I suppose PETA will call this a major victory. Judge's ruling threatens New Year's Eve possum drop RALEIGH, N.C. — A North Carolina mountain town's ...

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Thread: Oh No, no possum drop this year.

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    Oh No, no possum drop this year.

    I suppose PETA will call this a major victory.

    Judge's ruling threatens New Year's Eve possum drop

    RALEIGH, N.C. — A North Carolina mountain town's tradition of lowering a caged possum to celebrate New Year's Eve could be in jeopardy following a judge's ruling.

    Senior Administrative Law Judge Fred Morrison ruled Tuesday that the state Wildlife Resources Commission doesn't have the power to grant a special permit for Brasstown's annual Possum Drop. The agency must get the General Assembly to pass legislation allowing such permits, or the commission needs to change its rules, the judge said.

    Clay Logan, who started the event 20 years ago and catches each animal used, has 30 days to appeal Morrison's ruling – and possibly get a stay until the case can be heard. If not, the Possum Drop will likely be off this Dec. 31.

    Despite the name, no possum is dropped at the event, which attracts thousands to the tiny hamlet near the state's western tip. Rather, the captive critter is suspended in a see-through box covered with holiday tinsel and gently lowered to the ground at midnight.
    Judge's ruling threatens New Year's Eve possum drop :: WRAL.com

    "Compassionate citizens can now look forward to a kinder celebration at Clay's Corner this New Year's Eve," PETA spokesman David Perle said.
    Maybe they can have a PETA drop instead.
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    Anyone who would want to grow up to be a PETA spokesman I think already has been dropped on their head.
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    Catch all the possums, toss them into PETA members' houses. They'll have a whole new outlook by the AM.
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    What! No possum drop!
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    Why don't they drop a PETA member instead?

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    I would get a crap ton of stuffed animals from all who might attend, put them all in a HUGE cage, and then after they are "dropped", give them to the local sheriff, for giving to small children who have underegone a tragedy, or trauma

    Here is a venue for Michigan, for this to happen.

    Stuffed animals for emergencies

    I'm sure they have something like that there in NC.
    And if not, why not start?

    PETA is an insanely radical, rediculous organization.
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    Ya know, some big-city woman going into small town America and telling them folks how to live ain't gonna go over too well. I hope the appeal gets through and if not, lower a caged PETA spokswoman instead.
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    What I think would be cool is if they caught and then killed a "possum". Then when a shocked and outraged PETA demanded why? They just state that since the drop got cancelled they didn't need the "possums" anymore. "I mean we used to keep the big tree rat things well fed and comfy, but since we can't use them in the drop anymore...Well I guess we'll just go back to killin' 'em."

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    I'm not sure West Virginians have that sort of "drop", ours I think usually happens just after gunfire and the possum "drops" to the ground. Heck, it doesn't even have to be near a holiday either.

    Maybe some folks in the larger cities can and do toss them off from tall buildings for their "drop" I don't know, clueless on this.

    PETA does indeed have some good qualities, I just can't think of any at the moment.
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    The next thing you know, some whack job will want to stop this :

    Pumpkins fly high, fall hard at Hite-Saunders - The Herald Dispatch
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    Look out Punxsutawney Phil, they're coming for ya...
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    Hint: Punxsutawney Phil loves bacon treats, belly rubs and scratching behind the ears.

    I'd hate to imagine what Possum Pete enjoys most. PETA wipes?
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