I've been playing with the idea of midwife believe it or not, but I admit to liking the EMS world very much. My biggest problem however is my size. As one of the paramedics put it on my ride time evaluation sheets, "Nice, eager to learn though a bit quiet. She either needs to bulk up or brain up. In this business you need to be either strong or smart. Preferable both but in the absence of strength she has to blow everyone away with her knowledge."

Several of the paramedics and firemen I did my clinical time would tease me about my size. One advised me to NEVER EVER try to do the Heimlich maneuver on a patient that was bigger than me because if that patient lost consciousness he could fall on me and then we'd both die.

And there were several times I did wish I was at least half again bigger and twice as strong... but such is the life of a 97 lbser. And that's why we have firemen!

That being said they sure liked my size when it came to extraction. I can get in and out of some very tight spots.

They just can't find turnout gear small enough for me.