International War on Puns!!

International War on Puns!!

This is a discussion on International War on Puns!! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; So, an innocent text trying to confirm a luncheon engagement with my friend, John, turned into an "international" war on puns. And we're not done. ...

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Thread: International War on Puns!!

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    International War on Puns!!

    So, an innocent text trying to confirm a luncheon engagement with my friend, John, turned into an "international" war on puns. And we're not done. This has been going on for a week, now. I'll try to separate it. "J" is for "John" (duh!) and "T" is for, who else?

    J: Tuesday?

    T: Tuesday week

    J: Next Tuesday. Oh. Ok-Tuesday the 20th?

    T: Sorry, hair on fire. Yes, 20th good.

    J: K. I'm putting it down for Noon-you like Thai food?

    T: C

    J: K. We're going to Taste of Thai then.

    T: Do we need to wear a...Thai?

    J: Perhaps u could wear a Croat.

    T: And I will get the Czech.

    J: The restaurantnt is on 42, where you take a right at the Pole. U Ganda get there early?

    T. For sure! In fact, I'll be Russian.

    J: Sounds Swwweede!

    T: If u want Ann to come, Alaska.

    J: Maybe not for this lunch, but Mongolia is to get us all together soon.

    T: Unfortunately, I hear their servings are on old China.

    J: Are we going to eat in or get it Togo?

    T: Belize, John, no more puns!

    J: Oman, you are killing me.

    T: What? U mean u want Samoa?

    J: No-and if you keep going I'm going to have to Taiwan on.

    T: John, seriously, Kenya give me a break?

    J: I don't know-but I think I'm Ghana bus' a cap in you if you keep this up.

    T: Oh, oh. Now Jamaican me nervous.

    J: I don't know whether I Congo on and on with this.

    T: Honestly, John, I'm beginning to wonder if all of this Isreal!

    J: You know, I Benin alot of strange conversations before, but this one leaves me very Chile.

    T: All of this silly banter just because we're Hungary.

    J: You bet your Djibouti!

    T: Holy See! This is really getting Syrias.

    J: Yemen, I'm planning on kicking some Bhutan.

    T: Sigh, I've Benin some pun wars, but this one takes the Cape!

    J: When we get together, perhaps we should Chad about it.

    T: Oh, so you're going to leave me hanging until we Chad?

    J: It's ok-when we Chad, we can Gabon and on.

    T: D@mn! You Cayman stole my next pun!

    J: I am a Laos! I even feel Laosy.

    T: Are we reaching?

    T: Bahrain it on, brother! I can go all night!

    J: What.a Spain! I have a 945 Corfu-pun u tomorrow.

    T: K. It's been a Belarius evening.
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    LOL...that is great!
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    Sounds like you two have too much time on your hands.

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    T. and J. were quite the chatterboxes, it seems. They just kept going and going ...

    Quote Originally Posted by aznav View Post
    T: Bahrain it on, brother! I can go all night!

    J: What.a Spain! I have a 945 Corfu-pun u tomorrow.

    T: K. It's been a Belarius evening.
    J: It's gonna be cold, out. Wear the Kashmir sweater I got you last berfday.

    T: It is chilly. Hey, I just brewed up a fresh pot. Timor? Uh ... more tea?

    J: Nah, I'm good.

    T: Hey, how's your dad doing?

    J: Papua's good. Better, since the doc fixed his belly button. Was an "outie," but after the operation it was Inini.

    T: Ouch. Glad he's feeling well. My Andorra, though, has been feeling worse, since the diagnosis. I hope she pulls through, okay.

    J: Hey, at the restaurant, will there be any music?

    T: Oh man, a great band plays there every week. A fantastic group. Eritrea: Morocco, Seychelles and a Congo. Very cool.

    J: (Getting up slowly from the chair) Ach. It's time for me to get rolling.

    T: What's wrong? Pain in the leg?

    J: It's my Antilles, been killin' me since last year.

    T: Ghana get better, if you treat it right.

    J: Yeah. I hope so. Gambia hard slog, though.

    T: Anyway, Abyssinia, bro'. Tuesday, right?

    J: Yup. See you.
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