Quotations from Col. Jeff Cooper

Quotations from Col. Jeff Cooper

This is a discussion on Quotations from Col. Jeff Cooper within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Of all G&A's legendary contributors, none--with the possible exception of Elmer Keith--had been more impervious to the vagaries of fad and fashion than Col. Jeff ...

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Thread: Quotations from Col. Jeff Cooper

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    Quotations from Col. Jeff Cooper

    Of all G&A's legendary contributors, none--with the possible exception of Elmer Keith--had been more impervious to the vagaries of fad and fashion than Col. Jeff Cooper. Whether you loved Cooper or not, he was compulsively readable. Here are some selected insights from his storied career with Guns & Ammo.
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    God bless the Col. and tho most of us know him from pistol writings I will say may he find that perfect rifle now .

    for other of his mussings please go to http://www.dvc.org.uk/jeff/

    and i will say i do have instilled in me an unreasonable fear of 3 wheeled atvs LOL
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    I just received the latest issue of Guns & Ammo in the mail today and, as always, I turned immediately to the back page to soak up Col. Coopers wisdom; albeit today I did so with a melancoly spirit.

    May his legend and his words live on forever.
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    Thanks, for the quotes. As previously mentioned in the thread regarding his passing, he will be greatly missed. Atleast we still have his words and teachings ready at hand.

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    My favorite Cooper quote was said to my dad by Jeff. My parents were driving through Arid zona soon after Buzz Meeks took over gunsite.

    Since I was working, I couldnt go along on the trip. My parents drove up to the Pro Shop, and Jeff was sitting there on his little 3 wheeler drinking a bottle of water.

    Dad walks up to him and engages him in conversation. "Sir, my son is one of your biggest fans, and really idolizes you." Cooper.."Does he shoot and hunt?"

    Dad..."Yeah, and he carries a Kimber Gold Match 45 auto."

    Cooper.."Well, we'll get him to dump that and get a better gun soon enough."
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