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Send Shocking Message To Criminals = 7,000 volts

This is a discussion on Send Shocking Message To Criminals = 7,000 volts within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I have a fence around my property. I wanted to put barbed wire across the top of it. I was told this is against the ...

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Thread: Send Shocking Message To Criminals = 7,000 volts

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    I have a fence around my property. I wanted to put barbed wire across the top of it. I was told this is against the law. Someone might get hurt. How on earth are you going to get hurt unless you try to crawl over my fence lol.
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    Send Shocking Message To Criminals = 7,000 volts

    A couple of facilities I have access to for work have electric fences. On the outside they have chain link with razor wire on top, then on the inside about six inches from the outside fence is the electrified fence.

    Another site has chain link with barbed wire. Then planted inside the chain link is a hedge called 'Jesus thorn'. The thorns are like briars but instead of being a half inch long like briars, they are over an inch long. I'd rather deal with barbed wire than deal with mutant briars!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pgrass101 View Post
    This often cited case is not a good example to use for tort reform (which is needed) because the coffee she received was boiling and not just hot and it was served at a undrinkable (even untouchable) temperature.

    It's hard to fail to recognize that when making homebrew tea the boiling water poured over the tea leaves is, well, boiling. Hot tea. What a concept.

    It's the rare pizza that's edible immediately upon removal from the ~450-500ºF oven. Hot pizza. What a concept.

    It's the rare person who cooks who fails to recognize that an oven's a risky place to be without potholders on the hands, despite no pretty "dolt" labels all over the front of the oven door. Hot ovens. What a concept.

    Much like a 20ft deep pit at a construction zone which is, well, deep and correspondingly dangerous to recklessly walk into. Funny how no more sidewalk/street/surface to walk on does that. Walking requires a surface to stand on. Huh, imagine that.

    And when it comes to "zapper" type fences, it's hard to not recognize what the little image of a lightning bolt coursing through a flailing body means: "danger, lest you get zapped big-time." Let alone the simple fact that, as a person engaging in criminal trespass, that property's not yours. Um, yeah.

    It is what it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RKflorida View Post
    Shouldn't that last one be "The Lake of Fire"?

    Where do bad folks go when they die
    They don't go to heaven where the angels fly
    Go to a lake of fire and fry
    Don't see them again 'till the Fourth of July
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    i'm not concerned about the criminals or their lawyers, I'm concerned about the...electric bill! Seems like a honking-geese warning system with a biting-dogs deterrent system would be cheaper and more environmentally responsible.
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