North Korea says nuclear test successful (merge)

North Korea says nuclear test successful (merge)

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Thread: North Korea says nuclear test successful (merge)

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    North Korea says nuclear test successful (merge)

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    Not going to make my life easier as I am currently stationed here. I'm sure the tension will increase, but I'm hoping it won't affect my going home in a few weeks.
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    We're spread mighty thin, the enemy knows it and they're testing us. When we don't do anything about this, Iran will be next up to take a poke at our resolve.

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    Sheer madness! and they don't even need a missle, they can just float them up on balloons like the Japanese did in WWII. They'll drift right over the US.

    Osanmike- sounds like you're at my old stomping grounds. Of course I was 8 yrs old then, and it was '79, lots of fun to be had for a American kid back then, running around the streets with the Korean kids. Fond memories.
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    Yep, this is the tactic they planned while in Cuba last month for the "We hate America" Summit. Too bad it would have been wrong to "accidently" bomb them...

    Some days it just doesn't pay to have moral standards...

    I think that we should cut off all money going to any one who took part in that summit. You don't like us? Fine, you may have your opinion, and the tax payers can keep their money....

    North Korea and Iran, they are going to be a very dangerous combination in the near future. The only reason North Korea exists is because of China. (If I understand it correctly) They were beaten and China cowed us into bailing... Annoying to say the least.
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    Exclamation NK Detonates Nuclear Device

    For those of you who haven't watched the news recently, there is seismic evidence of a nuclear detonation. This is fairly recent - within the past hour or so.

    Thoughts? Opinions? Theories? New developments?

    I'll post more tomorrow.
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    North Korea claims to have done a nuclear weapons test; this claim has not
    been verified, but seismologists in South Korea report a 3.6 magnitude
    seismic wave was detected in North Korea at the time of the alleged test.
    That's my latest. I was not surprised to hear of it and most likely it'll be confirmed IMO.

    NK is unlikely to listen to anyone these days.
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    There is much more going on in NK than meets the eye at first. People are starving to death. There have been acts of cannibalism. The civilian society is close to total meltdown. For the first time in living history there has been open acts of defiance against the govt and anti govt graffiti is cropping up which is completely unheard of before.

    At the same time the underground church is experiencing rapid growth despite a death sentance if your caught in any of these subversive activities. I was priveledged to meet an incredibly dedicated person at an unnamed location who had escaped from NK to get training for the underground church and then WAS GOING BACK! Why? Because this person was a patriot, a christian and loved their country and people, just not their govt. This is a growing thing there and gives me hope for their future. If they have patriots willing to die for the freedom of their country, their people and their souls there is hope indeed.
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    This is going to turn into another World Mess folks...not right away but, very soon.

    We are going to hafta put an immediate naval blockade there and watch everything going out of N. Korea.

    S. Korea really took an instant disastrous economic hit overnight.

    Japan is now incredibly nervous and might make some of their components up into working retaliatory nukes.

    China does not know if she should $h1T or go sailing.

    N. Korea now has an estimated 10 or 12...I guess now "working" Nukes but, they have No Money.

    The Terrorists have TONS of Money but, they have no Nukes to use against us.

    N. Korea has submarines that can reach the U.S.

    Big Big Mess.

    We had better send some clandestine Special Forces into N. Korea and quietly take out the root of the problem.

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    Thank you for the encouraging post ELCruisr.

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    One thing for a fact...

    It sure aint helping my "Asian" Stocks right now...
    Universal Background Checks...the next step towards registration and confiscation.

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    I am with QKSHOOTER on this i am sure NK would just love to get some nukes in the hands of terrorists.

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    Won't be popular, but I figure we will just have to "suck it up". Unless there is going to be a lot of help from the rest of the World we are just spread to thin.

    Maybe we should restart the draft!

    EOD - Initial success or total failure

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    Exclamation The real problem.

    This is a prime example of what happens when you don't win wars.

    God bless the men who fought and died in Korea. They did their job, but the politicians wouldn't let 'em win. Same thing in Vietnam. Same thing in Gulf War I. Same in Somolia.

    Each time we leave a battlefield without completely defeating the enemy, beyond their ability to offer further resistance, (Like we did in WWII) this is the result.

    If you don't believe me, ask the Israelies, who have never fully defeated their enemies. Therefore, generations have suffered and are still dying today.

    If people want to save lives and create "peace" then they need to defeat the enemy completely. True peace can only come when one side is defeated beyond its capacity to resist!

    IMO, talking peace while the enemy is still willing to resist, costs more lives than finishing the fight. Just my $.02
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    I Believe That We Will...

    be facing a serious attack in this country before the end of THIS year. I think it is planned and waiting to happen...multiple cities! OMHO

    The UN is a joke...they will be sending a card to N. Korea very soon..."Bad, bad North Korea...You're in Trouble Now! And next time...You just wait! "

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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