Time to replace the laptop

Time to replace the laptop

This is a discussion on Time to replace the laptop within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I bought an HP Pavilion, in January 2004. It's amazing that I've got this many miles out of it, but it's time to upgrade. Any ...

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Thread: Time to replace the laptop

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    Time to replace the laptop

    I bought an HP Pavilion, in January 2004.

    It's amazing that I've got this many miles out of it, but it's time to upgrade.

    Any recommendations from the DC crowd?

    I'm real apprehensive about a new machine with Windows 8, but I've got to do something soon.

    Gotta stay under $500...

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    I know they are expensive, but My wife and I own a mac laptop. Ours is 10 years old.
    Froze maybe 2 times. We bring it in for a checkup once a year for no charge. And it is still going strong.
    The only problem we had was that we were not turning it off often enough.

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    My brother and his family swears by apple, (got hooked on them from his wifes brother).
    But if you are NOT going to spend over $1500, my Daughter has a Toshiba Satellite that is 2 years old, and has put up with her abuse and rough-housing. It was $300 from best buy and has, I believe 320 GB hard drive, 2 or 3 GB of ram.
    I just upgraded our desktop with a lenovo(IBM) with 500GB hard drive and 4 GB of ram for $300 and change a few months ago.

    The one she buried before that was a hand me down from her brother that was an ACER.
    It worked real well also until her bad habit of torquing on the back panel(screen) cracked near the base/hinge/screen area.That one was bought in Dec. 2003 and it broke in 2010.

    Son replaced the Acer in 2008 with a Gateway and the hookup part where the power cord goes in went bad.
    That is what you need to look out for is look for reviews on which computers have a high failure rate of the part where the power cord goes in.
    Now he has an Alienware, $1500, or $1800. Too much for my blood.

    Good luck!
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    My vote is for the Mac Book Pro. When this Mac Book dies, I'll get it.
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    I have a Toshiba that is a little over 2 years old. It has worked without a hickup. Has a 350 Gig HD and 4 Gig ram. Dont' get any less than 4 Gig ram, that is fairly standard. I think if you look around there will still be Win 7 units out there.

    I also have a Toshiba netbook, 10.1" screen. I don't use it a lot but it's great for travel.

    Edit: yes there are still untis out there with Win 7

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    Check out newegg.com for good deals on computers/accessories.
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    Should have gone out on blackfriday :P I have a satellite, love it. Apple is overpriced on their laptops imo. I have an iphone though so don't cry about being a hater. Thanks, bye.
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    Amazon.com: hp dm1z

    We got an HP dm1z two years ago and have been pleased. It isn't the best laptop ever, but if you are looking to stay under $500 you aren't in the best laptop ever market.
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    I got my kids a pair of HPs last year that have performed well and taken more than their share of physical abuse. Toshiba makes some good machines, but I have not bought anything Toshiba since 1984 and I have no plans to do so in the future. Toshiba is my longest-running boycott.
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    I recently bought a Sony Vaio that was on clearance with an extended warranty for less than $500, and I've been very pleased so far.

    By the way, the most bang-for-the-buck upgrade for most laptops is increasing RAM. Memory is cheap, and very easy to install. Just wanted to mention that, because most lower-priced laptops tend to have less RAM. You will notice increased performance/speed immediately. I upgraded mine from 4 gigs to 8 gigs for $25.

    Keep this in mind; most laptops only have 2 slots for RAM. A lot of cheaper laptops with 4 gigs installed have two 2 gig sticks because it's cheaper. So if you buy a 4 gig stick, you will only have 6 gigs installed. My Sony had one 4 gig stick, so with the additional 4 gig stick I bought from Best Buy, I now have 8 gigs.

    Here's the one that I bought (I did not upgrade to Windows 8):


    When I first saw the laptop, I wasn't sure if I would like a white keyboard since all of my previous laptops had black keyboards. I'm glad I tried it; the white keys are easier for me to see.

    Hope this helps.

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    I just recently had to replace a laptop that I had for about 6 years. I went with a custom built Gateway.

    You have plenty of options for under/right at $500 with all major brands. Depending on what you use the laptop for, you might not need all the extra bells and whistles and could get one for a cheaper.

    For example, I do a lot of music and video production work on the side, so I needed all the extra RAM, hard-drive space, etc. I could get. If you don't need such things, you'll easily stay below $500 even with a major brand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zacii View Post
    Any recommendations from the DC crowd?
    I'm real apprehensive about a new machine with Windows 8, but I've got to do something soon.
    Gotta stay under $500...
    Sent from my Galaxy S2
    Windows8 presents a whole new learning curve...... Not a difficult one but one nonetheless.......

    Price will depend on what you will be doing with it and how long you plan to keep it..... If you are playing lots of games, into photo editing, or other high demand things $500 is not going to cut it. However if you mainly just use it for word processing, email, surfing the internet, forum and light demand things $500 or less will do just fine.

    Do not forget to max out the memory on any computer you purchase. For some reason they mainly short you on memory. Amazon normally will have the best prices on memory as opposed to where you purchase the computer.

    Personally I do not own a MAC however they are way better computers. They are pricy however which is why I just stayed with PC's.......
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    My Toshiba satellite just died a second time. Second hard drive down in two years. Not sure I would recommend one personally . My HP was a great laptop an seemed to last much longer.
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    If you really need touchscreen features, then go with Win 8... otherwise, 7 is closest to what you've been using, but with a lot of improvements.
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    I got an acer from staples. Model 5745 Acer Aspire. 4 gig of memory, 640 HDIntel I3 processor. Great machine. Paid about $450.

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