Have you lost guns in a boating accident?

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Thread: Have you lost guns in a boating accident?

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    Lost a full set of keys at the bottom of an alpine lake, once. Never guns, though.
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    Well you know how us "gun culture" guys are... we *love* to go boating and we *love* to bring as many guns with us as we can when we're on the water.
    If you pay any attention to the mainstream news media you already understand that guns will often simply discharge without warning or provocation, often penetrating the hulls of our boats, resulting in sinkage and loss of firearms.... so you see, the common loss of guns to the deep waters of US lakes and rivers is easy to explain.... ##BANG## Damn... there goes another one
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    What guns??????
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    Have you lost guns in a boating accident?

    I lost an AMT Backup many years ago when I knocked my tackle box over the side of the boat into Bear Lake.

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    Hasn't happened to me yet. I suppose it could happen though, as a result of a strong wind blowing in the wrong direction.

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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    The number of folks who've had boating accidents where they've lost guns makes me worry about even going out on the water!
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    It does seem strange that anyone would take their guns out on a boat. I've never taken mine out on a boat but I did indeed lose all of my guns in a lake. Let me tell you what happened...

    A friend of mine (he wishes to remain anonymous) told me about some very rare high altitude geese. Hey! this a true story. Anyway...he says they are the best tasting geese a huntin' man ever ate. Add some biscuits and gravy and MmmMmm!
    The problem, as he put it to me, was that where they took off from you couldn't shoot them. And you couldn't shoot them at their destination where they landed. The only place you could shoot them was when they where enroute, which made it impossible since they flew at such a high altitude.
    So this was the plan; We bought an old military surplus balloon. I loaded all my guns in it because I wasn't sure which one would be the best to use since this would be my first high altitude hunt. (I know, exciting huh? I didn't even sleep the night before!)
    So we took off the next morning in our beautiful balloon. (It wasn't really beautiful but my friend called it that after some stupid song about a beautiful balloon.) It was a beautiful day. (Not a song.) We could see the geese which were tiny dots in the sky. As the balloon and our hopes soared ever higher we began to sing (Yes, that stupid song).
    Suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of a flock of high altitude geese! It was a glorious sight as we grabbed our guns and started shooting! It didn't take long till we had shot quite a few. I turned to my friend and asked him how we were suppose to get them as they were falling from the sky? It was the least of our worries.
    The balloon began to quickly lose altitude. It was apparent that we were going to crash in a huge alpine lake that was coming at us at a fast rate of descent! With fear written all over my face I frantically asked my friend what we were gonna do? He soiled his pants. So I asked him if there was something else we could do? He said our only chance was to make the balloon lighter. We would have to throw everthing out to reduce weight.
    So with a heavy heart and tear stained cheeks, we threw all the guns out of the basket. We watched as they plummeted through the icy air, splashing as they hit the deep blue serene Alpine lake. At the last second the balloon began to rise and we survived.

    And that is how I lost all my guns in a lake.
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    Something told me not to ship my guns on the Titanic, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I didn't listen to that voice in my head. After all the Titanic was unsinkable!
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    Well for me, since I only have guns for sporting purposes, it usually happens on the marsh in some sort of duck hunting accident. Those canoes are quite tippy and if you or your wingman are shakey you'll flip it when you shoot.****

    ****OK, this really has happened to a couple family members and once we were able to dive down and get a shotgun back and the other we weren't. Cold marsh water in November really ruins your day.
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    It has been really dry here. No rain. Put all my guns in my boat and went to the levy. The levy was dry. Tried our deepest lake, walked out to the middle of the water dragging my boat load of guns behind me. Darn boat took on water and sank to the bottom. Had to walk all the back to shore (through several mud puddles). Went back the next day to begin salvage ops, but the guns were gone. Still got the boat.
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    Sir last week to Black GM SUV's pulled up here some guys in uniforms and suits went through the house and took every thing we had. There was not much left after the boat went down.

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    Well from my standpoint, it really must be nice to have guns to get lost in a boating accident.

    I never had guns to begin with!

    You know, guns are bad, m'kay! So, don't have guns!

    Even my avitar picture is fake!
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    I voted "no" because there wasn't a "not yet but I'm planning to" option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldnfat View Post
    It has been really dry here. No rain. Put all my guns in my boat and went to the levy. The levy was dry. Tried our deepest lake, walked out to the middle of the water dragging my boat load of guns behind me. Darn boat took on water and sank to the bottom. Had to walk all the back to shore (through several mud puddles). Went back the next day to begin salvage ops, but the guns were gone. Still got the boat.


    I voted No!

    But I did loose most of them while moving between the Winter Palace here in Michigan, to the Summer Palace in the Arctic Circle.
    It seems the ice flo we were on was definitely NOT stable enough for all of us, the provisions for the summer, AND the firearms so while we were securing the provisions, as they were the most important thing to have for our survival, we tragically watched all two of our prized firearms slip off.
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    It only happened to me once, but I think it will happen again!

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