This is Neat!

This is Neat!

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Thread: This is Neat!

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    This is Neat!

    I don't know if anyone has seen this but I think it would be neat to play with..

    Click Here...

    Check out the video in the middle of the page!
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    Interesting way to burn up money, at that rate you would have to spend as much money for 22 cal ammo as you do for defensive pistol ammo.

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    Does look like fun though
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    Here is similar system
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    It would be fun.......
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    Years ago I dreamed of a full auto American 180. Drum fed, 22LR and silenced. Oh, the plinking fun one could have.
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    Yep, I want one...
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    From the "FAQ" page of their website:

    16. Can I get you to send me an advance unit to be a "tester"?

    Although we appreciate the offer, we have no shortage of "testers" here in the shop. All units beyond company R & D units are customer purchased units and will be shipped based on pre-order list position.

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    A very cool ammo ''burner''!!

    Despite the receiver decision by BATF - that is, in use, behaving as full auto so - hard to see it being categorized as anything else. Unless I am missing something.
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    Mmmmm, I can smell the powder now. Wonder what I could hunt with that...
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    Just Saw This Thread Tonight...

    very cool...275 rounds per load...?
    This would stop a home invasion...quickly!

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    Fun, Fun, Fun
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